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Pellissier 2008-12-15 02:38

Soul Eater - Episode 37 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Soul Eater, Episode 37.

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NakedAngelX 2008-12-15 12:39

I thought it was going to be a filler episode with detective conan The Kidd investigation :D

Spoiler for Ep 37:

aohige 2008-12-15 22:08



Originally Posted by NakedAngelX (Post 2109287)
Spoiler for Ep 37:

No, it's the immortal warewolf guy. The undead guy is the teacher at Shibusen. :heh:

Raikujin 2008-12-16 07:13

Seems like the writers took out some stuff in Chrona's scene... Why, though? :confused:

Reincarnated 2008-12-16 09:52

As long as there's SOULxMAKA scene like this , I don't mind fillers!! *dances*

SquirrelLuvsPnut 2008-12-16 12:26

Two questions.
Spoiler for One:

Spoiler for Two:

White Manju Bun 2008-12-16 12:59

Not bad for a filler, kept with part of the story line. I was salivating with the parts with Kid and Stein XD Only thing Im worried about with BONES probably about to make some real changes is Im hoping one of my fav lines DeathScythe says in the manga to Stein stays in.
Spoiler for ending:

The Chrona parts were really good imo.

Krozar 2008-12-20 05:16

I thought it was a great episode. I won't go as far to call it filler because it's part of the anime-only arc rather than pining for time like Naruto and Bleach do. It's a transitional episode from one big thing to the next and very dialog-based--character development.

I really loved the Maka x Soul bit and Stein shone here. Plus we get to see Buttataki Joe show up!

Hisago 2008-12-20 10:07


Originally Posted by SquirrelLuvsPnut (Post 2111074)
Two questions.
Spoiler for One:

About how neither one of them were really successful in the BREW mission.


Originally Posted by SquirrelLuvsPnut (Post 2111074)
Spoiler for Two:

He sort of did.
Spoiler for episode:

Random Curiosity still has no screencaps up. Does anybody have one of the scene where Chrona is watching Maka train while standing behind the tree?

Keiichi_chan 2008-12-20 21:54

It seems like the next episode will be B*S dealing with Anakin like problems and possibly wavering to the dark side or something? Is that stuff that happened in the manga or is this completely brand new?

Hisago 2008-12-20 22:02

The next chapter does indeed look like it'll be covering events in the manga.

vypher 2008-12-20 22:05

Yup I think it's stuff that happened in the manga.

Kotobasuu 2008-12-21 04:25


Originally Posted by vypher (Post 2119156)
Yup I think it's stuff that happened in the manga.

Yup, and i quote nenena's lj...

Spoiler for next episode:

FlareKnight 2008-12-21 22:16

Interesting enough episode with Kid doing his own thing to try and get answers. Not a surprise since his doubts about his father has continued building up over time. Kind of hurts it when nothing is being said to Kid and he's left in the dark like this. First it was hiding the Kishin beneath Shibusen and now whatever connection exists with Eibon.

A quiet BlackStar isn't a good sign. Guy has been building up since they failed to stop the Kishin from being brought back. Have that loss against Mifune and failing to stop BREW from being taken the previous episode. Not surprised that he's looking to blow up at someone.

Bonta Kun 2008-12-22 21:43

I want that coffee table its awesome!!!:D

wonder if they have matching coasters?:heh:

Guardian Enzo 2008-12-22 22:14

"Odd fella"? The Chrona mystery continues...

Mattelajn 2008-12-23 14:39

It's getting even more exciting when kid's investigating a little :D And stein is getting even more creepy xD

tyciol 2008-12-24 20:38

Hey Krozar, glad to see you're in the game, competing with ano fan?

libba 2009-03-14 15:46

Ah, dear creators - why do you feel a need to introduce new characters when you could have spent some time developing the existing ones instead?

I like Kid the Investigator, though. And he's so cute when he stubbornly insists on finding out the truth even if he wouldn't like it. Wanting to keep a clear mind, that's admirable.

Kotobasuu 2009-03-14 16:53


Originally Posted by libba (Post 2272579)
Ah, dear creators - why do you feel a need to introduce new characters when you could have spent some time developing the existing ones instead?

Amen to that @_O;

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