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VaatiChan 2008-12-17 00:21

Basics on OCs and such
Doing so in a non-cross over setting will be more difficult.... (why is it easier in crossover settings? Super Robot Wars/Taisen's orignal characters are rather godly for hte most part and fans of that will let that slide) Since the risk of making him/her too flawed or too perfect... and dull at that.

In Lucky Star the lack of Male characters allows for male OCs.... though in other ficdoms such as bleach with many characters of both genders, having an OC in will stick out like a sore thumb and an obviously cheesy self-insert attempt.

Of course if you're going for the supporting OC route, it's easier since mentor types aren't that hard to do, though if you make them too overpowered or too empowering people might have a fit.

My main OC, Rei Kurohagane while able isn't perfect (and in fact a few characters really don't like him due to parts of his personality; which is while confident, smart, is also egotisical, perverted, and is prone to doing good things solely for the sake of his ego)

I'm thinking about a OC/Miyuki story... and the guy in question would be Yukimura, an above average guy who generally is lazy and doesn't care for much effort... going as so far as to give off an impression of a thug as to get people to leave him alone. He's also a dabbler (not so much a wiki, but someone who looks into things some on a casual basis) Now that I think about if I ever get this idea going, He'd have his own image to go against. (Proving he's not a savage thug).

1. Make your character likeable: Every character in Lucky Star, has a hook of some form. And that hook makes them cute/interesting/funny. Your original character should have something that makes them special. If your character is a guy, that doesn't mean he has an excuse. He/She needs to be fleshed out and have their own personality so they can blend in with the cast.

My OC, Kaito Yasuhiro, is kind of a modernized guy. He's lazy, he plays video games, he watches anime, he's usually relaxed and accepting, and he cooks. And while he is a nice guy, he isn't afraid to be passionate or manly with his issues. But even with these qualities, he has some issues and is very uncertain.

2. DO NOT make him boring: Your character should not blend in with the background. (Like Misao fears) He shouldn't be plain or normal. Maybe a little, like, he can blend in with society, but his life shouldn't be completely mundane and simple. You want to be able to think of him talking and he doesn't give off a vibe like Minami. You don't have to tell everything about him at the beginning, but you want it ease it out.

3. DO NOT make him a jerkass: I have this issue with a couple of stories here, but I think the message speaks for itself. You can't let him or her be a selfish jerkass. If you do, he should atleast pay for his issues or have him see the light. People don't like stories where the jerkass gets away with what he wants and he still continues to treat some people like **. And it's annoying. So along with that, don't character hate either.

4. DO NOT make him follow harem stereotypes: Let's think about harem/ecchi characters from other animes: Keitaro, Tenchi, Tsukune, Rito, Kouta, Rin, Saito, Minato. Why do most of us hate some of these characters? They are complete dumbasses and/or total **. DON'T BE LIKE THEM. You do not want to reflect on the major flaws of any of them. Sure, they can worry about simple things like school, money, and the future. Those are things many people naturally worry about. You want to aim for great male roles like Keiichi from the Higurashi series, Tomoya from Clannad, or Ryuuji from Toradora!

5. Don't be afraid to experiment: Seriously, don't fear about trying new things. Granted, not batshit insane new things that involve shooting people with lazers, but be open to new ideas. You don't want to again fall into cliches. New things and questioning your readers (Not confusing) will get people to continue reading. In fact, I'm still surprised no one has done a story with a FEMALE OC.

6. DO NOT insert sympathy: Don't try to put in anything like they have a life-threatening disease and we should treat them "nice" for that. This is similar with tip number four. You can give them realistic problems and issues. But they need to be smoothed over or handled in a lighthearted manner. Like Konata. Her mom is dead, but that doesn't get her down.

That's basically everything I can give. I've also read every Male OC story in the section too, and I have my own thoughts on what's smart and what's stupid.

Well Yukimura's a nice mellow guy who isn't afraid to stand up for himself. He avoids trouble not out of fear, but laziness. But when it matters he'll fight back... quite hard as punishment for making him do this. He's prone to complaining about things though from his parents who gave him such a name, to even about himself. And despite his manner and looks, he's not a bully (it's just so no one messes with him)

I think the set up would start freshmen year when he transfers to the school... and notices Miyuki.... though when trying to meet up with her.... she gets spooked a bit... and he soons finds himself floored by a small blue haired blur... with a Shoryuken.

I'll admit the notion isn't finalized.

A more finalized character would be Rei Shirohagane (He's made as a AU Rei Kurohagane that grew up much happier in completely mundane settings) for an SP! fic.

Personality: A nice but determined guy who's rather youthful in both appearence and manner. (in fact a friend of his teases him about it, calling him Rei-chan). Also a pacifist... but not to the point of letting innocent people suffer. Highly Pious (That's something of a flaw of his... he's too moral)

as that story goes he ends up meeting Chikaru (SP! character) whom while he gets along with well, doesn't try anything due to him being kinda older than her, his own taboos, and the fact he got into the school on Father Ein's word (Priest who raised him, whom he holds in very high regard)

Though Rei Kurohagane is rather different due to the less mundane setting of the fics with him in it.

He sounds good, except for two things. When Konata hits him...this isn't going to be a recurring trend, is it? I don't really find one-sided violence in anime as it's an annoying cliche and it's usually done for stupid reasons. I can see it happening because Konata wants to defend Miyuki, but don't go far with that or anything. Sometimes characters can get annoying when they have to punch first, ask questions laters. (Like many tsunderes)

The other issue would be, how pious is he? Does he want to give advice and help the unfortunate? I just want to say that because making him into like a prude or a taskmaster would make him unlikeable. Usually morally-dominant characters are very irritating. The kind who sees two people kissing at school and goes. "THAT'S EVIL, THAT'S WRONG, THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE." Those kind of uptight people just get on people's nerves.

A) that first point is for Yukimura... well it's not as much... but it's something that he manages to work out.... though he's a bit peeved at it. And Yukimura gives off a "big bad japanese schoolboy thug" vibe by his own design.... and it's a case of it coming to bite him in the butt. Though I'd think he tend try to speak to Kagami (Not exactly an easy task considering how she likes to hang out with miss jumps to conclusions); one of the more sensible ones about what he was trying to do. Kagami would respond "Just like that time she beat up a foreigner asking my sister for directions" After things get straighten out, He does tell Konata, "For such a small girl, you certainly hit harder than many guys" This idea does have some fights in it, though I was planning him to be long time friends with Minoru (Student), and Minoru asks "Why didn't you go to Cromartie?" "Simple... I actually like learning things, and I wouldn't want to be in what westerners call... a sasuage fest"

A point with Yukimura is despite his appearence and attitude, he's a rather intellegent and very well read guy. "I'm a dabbler in many things" Though he does lean more towards games and anime, but he's no where nearly as hardcore as Konata is.

B) That's for Rei Shirogane (the character for that SP! fic); and that's a plot point, Chikaru tries to get him to lighten up some. But he's helpful, and part of the reason. But he's also understanding (He doesn't judge others, but wouldn't dare do that himself), but he serves as a contrast for two other OC's who have less than pure intentions. The planned flow has him and those two figuratively clashing since their misdeeds will come to stain his repuation and that of his mentor's. I intend this morality to point out. But I was planning on having his mentor remark on how it's a good thing how he's not so strict with himself... and only those of the cloth need follow such strict guidelines.

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