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suzukimatsui 2004-02-16 19:09

Samurai Deeper Kyo
At the end of the series, who was it in the end that was with Yuya? Mibu Kyoshiro or
Demon Eye's Kyo?


ChibiDusk 2004-02-16 19:11

>>Move to DVD & Licensed or General Anime

wnkryo 2004-02-16 19:19

This should be in General Anime since it relates to the context of an anime which doesn't have it's own forum.

But to answer your question: No one knows. The director/Creator didn't want to pick either becuase both Kyoshiro and Kyo were equally liked by alot of people, so they left who survived at the end as a mystery.

suzukimatsui 2004-02-16 19:23

Were you able to tell the difference in the voice of who ever it was in the end? If you listened well, I could of sworn I hear Kyoshiros voice

wnkryo 2004-02-16 19:26


Originally Posted by suzukimatsui
Were you able to tell the difference in the voice of who ever it was in the end? If you listened well, I could of sworn I hear Kyoshiros voice

Nah, it was a mix up. They blended the deep voice of Kyo and the calm voice of Kyoshiro to a medium. That is way, which I stated before, they viewer would ultimately make his/her own desicion to who actually survived till the end. Usually the desicion is based on which character the viewer likes the most.

krusher 2004-02-16 21:30

what a lame way to end it

Superchop 2004-02-16 21:41


Originally Posted by krusher
what a lame way to end it

not really a lame way...there are other animes that do the same thing...

although i prefer knowing who it really was...i'll admit it wouldn't of made a difference or not if i actually knew...

SpikeSpencer 2004-02-16 22:30


Originally Posted by krusher
what a lame way to end it

Where have you been.. lots of stories...including anime end in such a way... I like these kind of endings... Open endings lead to these kind of discussions.. which is always good ^_^

nam1031 2004-06-02 02:58

i don't think he can be Demon Eye's Kyo, if he is kyo why would he be in Mibu Kyoshiro body?

Keitaro 2004-06-02 03:53

Spoiler for :

nam1031 2004-06-02 20:54


Originally Posted by Keitaro
Spoiler for :

That's a possibility :)

donna8157 2004-06-03 01:05

Lol. I don't know what I was thinking. I thought that Yuya was running towards another person and Kyo/Kyoshiro happened to see her. (If you watch it again .. I could have sworn that she ran past him). Maybe I should watch it again.

DukeGaladrien 2004-06-22 20:36

To me it sounded more like the deep voice of Kyo than Kyoshiro at the end, but as someone else mentioned I got the vibe that the two may have become one at the end. (I was rooting for Kyoshiro myself so I was a bit dissapointed)

Tommy 2004-06-22 23:24

I actually just finished watching this show yesterday and I can't believe I watched the whole series. Overall it was a pretty crappy show. If I had to take a guess I think it was Kyo at the end with Yuya carrying Kyoshiros medicine as a way to carry on his memory.

Prince of Chronics 2004-06-22 23:55

Samurai Deeper Kyo was wack... they barely animated the fight scenes... it was just mainly stills... I also didn't like they went to the future for a moment in that one episode... btw...

Yondaime 2004-06-23 00:28

Why would

- Yondaime

choowee 2004-07-03 14:28

Hmm... am I the only one who thinks


Vengure 2004-07-03 14:33

No i dont believe she kept the medicine box in memory of kyoshiro, I think that after the battle of "sekihara" maybe misspelled , anyway after mibu sealed kyo into his body right before putting his body in the ice he may have lsot his memory from such a thing . Therefore not remembering that he was a medicine dealer after he had reawakened. But there are several possibilities . As he could have been aware of everythign the whole time ect.

kingofighter 2004-08-29 13:36

*Spoiler* Samurai Deeper Kyo Ending Discussion
Hi all, this is my first time posting here, so nice to meet you all. For great animes such as Samurai Deeper Kyo, I long for a less ambiguous, less explanatory ending. Unfortunately though, Samurai Deeper Kyo has this annoying decide-for-yourself ending. Perhaps the most controversial point of the ending is who is the "you" that Yayu is referring to at the very end. Well I gave it some thoughts and here is what i came up with:

He must be Kyo because...
1. He is the main character of the show :heh:
2a. He reclaimed the strongest body in the world
2b. He acquired and mastered all the skills that Kyoshiro knew
2c. He experienced companionship, trust, and love, which turns him into a more perfect human (instead of 100% killing)
2. Kyo lacked all of the above except for 2a when he lost to Kyoshiro, thus, Kyo has a very high chance of defeating Kyoshiro in that last episode.
3. If it is Kyoshiro who remembered everything, Kyoshiro will not travel with Yayu because his true love is Sakuya.
4. If it is Kyoshiro who doesnt remember everything (the one that we met on episode 1), then it doesnt match, for he is not a cool person to sit next to a river alone, he will stick to Yayu all of the time (he is kind of a pervert remember? =P)
5. Yayu is the one who carrys the medicine package, which indicates that Kyoshiro died from the battle for..
5a. Kyoshiro is not the kind of man to let a lady do such laborsome work.
5b. Yayu once said that she wants to return that package to Kyoshiro, but now she uses it herself (because she can no longer return it)

Well thats my opinion, which doesnt necessary to be true. I would really appreicate it if everyone would throw in some of your opinions too, especially opinions that favor the alternate end, that is, Kyoshiro is the one who lived. Thank you for spending your time to read my crappy post

P.S. I personally think that Yayu only loves Kyo, anyone think otherwise?

whatever123 2004-08-29 22:30

well i believe it was meant as decide your own ending as you like it to end.

thats what we get when an anime company decides to pervert the original story.

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