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Pellissier 2008-12-19 01:56

Kannagi - Episode 12 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Kannagi, Episode 12.

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serenade_beta 2008-12-20 11:14


Oh, this week is Azuma-san's art. Always enjoying Yotsubato, sir!

Spoiler for ep12:

Kaoru Chujo 2008-12-20 17:56

On the other hand, I loved this episode. Lots of good emotion. Serious and sad and uncertain and with good rhythms. I liked the sad, slow version of the music, too. Tsugumi is wonderful. And the club president continues to steal the show.

The storyboard this week was by a big name: Okamura Tensai, the director of Wolf's Rain and Darker than Black.

Director this week was Kamakura Yumi, who did storyboards for some eps of Simoun and Blood+, and directed episodes of Blood+, Eureka Seven, Utawarerumono, Saiunkoku. She also directed ep2 of Kannagi.

I liked the animation this week, in some places. Seemed like smooth drawing, somehow, especially near the beginning. Animation was directed by two people: Noda Yasuyuki, a long-time animator who has directed animation for a couple of shows over the years; and an apparently young animator called Kawai Takuya, who has never done more than key animation, according to ANN.

I loved the ending illustration. Of course, I tend to like Photoshopped backgrounds. And the figure seemed to match the episode beautifully. As serenade_beta said, it was by Azuma Kiyohiko, the mangaka of Yotsubato and Azumanga Daioh. I would never have guessed.

karinvampire 2008-12-20 17:58


stormy001_M1A2 2008-12-21 02:59

Beautiful episode with beautiful animation. I dunno if anyone notices that the art for this particular ep is very good. The music is nice and I seriously felt Kannagi should have gone this path of serious drama instead of comedy from day 1.

rainnydaiis 2008-12-21 23:11

I was pretty happy that kannagi finally decided to get to how it should have been. I mean comedy is always great but I would've liked it a lot if it was like comedic at certain times with drama. This episode and how it was done was amazing. I'm sad to see that next episode will be the last, I'm hoping it'll live up to my expectation after I watched this episode.

Anime Daisuki 2008-12-23 17:26

9/10 for me, since it was mostly filled with Jin moping around. However, the theme and mood were set really well thanks to the great animation and background music. Looking forward to the next episode.

7Th 2008-12-23 23:28

Oh, the awesome animation from episodes 1,2 and 7 finally came back.

Master Chibi 2008-12-24 02:14

Wow, it takes BALLS to run an episode on just emotion alone, the amount of silence in the second half was staggering, and the beautiful instrumentals perfectly set the tone too.

Go figure that the one episode without Nagi, that I was worried would be the most predictable, ends up being the most amazingly done. Set that against the irony of nothing actually happening and using it to display Jin ACTUALLY SHOWING NORMAL UNFORCED HUMAN EMOTION and you've got the best episode of the show thus far.

Yes, I'm serious.

DesuX2 2008-12-24 03:27

Best part of the show was combat Zange, even though this episode was rather sad desu.

alu546 2008-12-24 04:35

Spoiler for since its page 1:

Sorrow-K 2008-12-24 05:35

A very solemn episode compared to what we're used to in Kannagi, but I think this show is actually executing the serious stuff almost as well as it executed the comedy in previous episodes. I could talk about technical merit, animation, seiyuu, music, etc, but I think the most important thing is that I found myself really caring about what was going to happen next, and "care" isn't something I give out willy-nilly. So, I think it's a sign that Kannagi has done a really good job of making the characters sympathetic.

The directing in this show continues to exceed expectations. I wouldn't call this show the best of the year, but I do think Yamamoto is making a serious claim for best director of the year (although, he probably still runs slightly behind Shinbo for Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Matsuo Kou for Kure-nai).


By the way, if you think Kannagi is a good anime, why not consider voting for it in the AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards nominations thread in the Best Comedy category? Personally, I think Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei deserves to win Best Comedy, but I think Kannagi seriously deserves to at least be nominated, and at this stage, it looks like it's being a bit underrated in the voting.

typhonsentra 2008-12-24 18:11

This show doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.

SkoolRumble4Ya 2008-12-24 19:16

Zange chan owns those punks. Jin is so lonely without Nagi but they should've of play some sad bgm when he was alone in his house.

orion 2008-12-24 19:32

Kind of reminded me what happened in Kanon. Jin's losing it just like...
Spoiler for Kanon:

Sad episode.

Darknemo2000 2008-12-24 19:55


Originally Posted by typhonsentra (Post 2125662)
This show doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.

That's not really anime's fault. If you watch manga then you know that the inexperienced mangaka just shows her inexperience by not able to find a true rhythm that it want to go - drama or comedy, comedy or drama...

In this sense, anime followed the original very closely...

Vexx 2008-12-24 21:46


Originally Posted by typhonsentra (Post 2125662)
This show doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.

Its *very* common in "comedy romance" anime for the series to use comedy to get you involved with the characters and get attached to them. Then when you're all vulnerable, they hurl the drama at you....

Westlo 2008-12-24 23:17


Originally Posted by Vexx (Post 2125892)
Its *very* common in "comedy romance" anime for the series to use comedy to get you involved with the characters and get attached to them. Then when you're all vulnerable, they hurl the drama at you....

Yeah it's so common... I have no idea why people are acting surprised or calling it an inexperienced move when if anything it's rather cliche and expected...

Bathory Area 2008-12-24 23:49

I think ep 12 was wasted... nothing special happened and we didn't even find out much.. bleh.. maybe it was a depressing filler?

Westlo 2008-12-24 23:53

Oh god, one of the actual drama episodes got called a filler.. lmao..

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