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Rinji 2008-12-23 13:40

Legionnaire's Lance Role Playing Group
Alright, and we're back up and running. Same basic rules as the first sign up. This time we're going with ELEMENTAL setting in a much less technologically advanced world. This is more along the lines of feudal Japan. After a while I'll come up with some clans and such, and you can choose to join one of them if you want or you can remain free lance, that's cool too. For now, though, lets just keep it simple.

#1 Obviously no God Modding or Omni-powered characters. Lets keep the powers to just at Super Human. (Some exceptions in powers may go for villains)
#2 No Puppeting! This is a very large one. If it is your character, you control it, no one else does. The only way you could control someone else's character is with their consent.
#3 Whenever speaking Out Of Character, either post it here, or if you wish to use it in the RPG group (Post it in Parentheses).
#4 Do not argue with the Game Master, nor start unwanted fights in the middle of the thread, and at the same time, do not take out your anger at a player through your characters. Take your personal battles to Private Messages or some place outside.
#5 Do not begin Role Playing until your character has been accepted. I hold every right to decline any character/player I do not see fit.
#6 No pooftas! Kidding... but really, have fun with it. If you're not having fun, you hold every right to leave.

Character Application

Element: (You may only START with one, an additional one may be possible, but not for a while)

Appearance: (At least 3 sentences on the clothing and description of your character)

Power(s): (Short description of your character's Elemental abilities, please keep them simple)

History: (At least One long Paragraph of your character's past story, please give good details and try to keep it as original as you can)

Animepandafreak 2008-12-26 16:50

Name: Mizu Aqu-train
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Element: Water

Hair-human:Black /alien: pink
Race-half sea alien/ human
Eyes- human: brown/ alien: pink
Height- human:5"8/ alien: 6"4
Weight- human:125lbs/ alien: ???

Power(s): She can bend water. She can freeze water and melt ice. Can make ice sword to fight with. More powerful when she transforms into her full alien form. Bends the water inside of anyone to bend. Can bend water from the air, from the water in cloubs and make it rain.(that usually is a bigg attack she use when fight in full form.

History: She is the daughter of the one of top waterbenders on her planet (aqua). The prince (her father), wanted to travel to different planets and met her mom on his travels. Then had Mizu (meaning water) they all came back to Aqua, and her parents live there. While Mizu when she got older run away, after finding out of her arranged marriage. She's now at a city/planet.(srry forgot the name). She transformed to human form to get not to be found.

Pic of her (didnt draw the pic):

Human form-

true Alien form-

OtseisRagnarok 2008-12-28 12:56


Originally Posted by Animepandafreak (Post 2128380)

Damn, she's hawt....
Well, here's my guy:

//Emergency report, dangerous elementalist found. If approached, avoid at all costs.
Name: Lowell
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Element: Electricity.

Hair: Blood-red
Race: Human With Djinn powers
Eyes: green
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120lbs

Power(s): Control over the lightning element, granted by the Thunder elemental, Fafnir. In addition, he has the ability to control other human's emotions by manipulating the electrical impulses in their brains. He can also manipulate a person's body in much the same way. Metal manipulation. He also seems to have a band of followers(see details below).
The ability to throw lightning bolts, as well as summoning his Djinn.

Limitations: His mind-control only seems works on pure humans, and is known to only affect emotions. It can also be very unpredictable if he isn't careful. Summoning his Djinn, as is well-known by demon-wielders saps him of all use of his powers.

History: Not much is known about Lowell's past. He was a near-prodigy at the academy, and eventually signed a contract with a known, dangerous elemental. After that, it is known he killed a large number of his former friends, and disappeared for three years. No one knows why he left, or why he suddenly re-appeared. His goals and motives are also a mystery to the organization.
//end of report.

(I'll do a thing on his henchmen soon.)

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