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toxic_trance 2008-12-27 03:25

Artists Alike and from Afar -December Contest (Theme - Winter memories) ~VOTE NOW ^^~
Banner by toxic_trance (lineart) & Valduran (coloring)

Hello and I'd like to say hi from myself (toxic_trance), and everyone else from the Artist Alike Social Group.

We would like to post our drawing here from our Current December Drawing Contest for those on Animesuki to see and to vote upon.

For this December drawing theme, it is "Winter Memories" chosen by our last months Winner, *Zhaxra*


Winner : Toxic_Trance

Voting Rules

Only two things are mandatory for the voting phase

i) Vote for one of the three contestants below using the poll
ii) Leave a comment saying whom you voted for, and a few sentences if u want to for saying why and giving feedback

*The voting phase will end on 31st December (11:59 pm GMT)
*The three finalists CANNOT vote :)


With all the rules stated and mentioned, here are our Entries (alphabetized by user names)

1) Evil_Rick


2) Satsumaru


3) toxic_trance

Katocchi 2008-12-27 07:23

I vote for toxic_trance .. I like those art's details and snows are look real ..

Cierra 2008-12-27 07:28

Satsumaru for me! The colours suit well and omg that guy looks like Squall Leonheart! <3

Delitesco 2008-12-27 11:49

Voted for TT! :)

KholdStare 2008-12-27 11:57

I would have voted for toxic_trance but Satsumaru had that lock and key thing going which clicked for me. It's the little things I tell ya.

My vote goes to Satsumaru.

Izayoi 2008-12-27 13:04

Satsumaru for style, quality, color, and a lot of other things.

Your banner is kind of NSFW... yea really.

Edit: It feels like bondage, and I really don't like that.

Daniel E. 2008-12-27 14:13

Satsumaru gets my vote this time around! :)


Originally Posted by Cierra (Post 2129289)
Satsumaru for me! The colours suit well and omg that guy looks like Squall Leonheart! <3

Just what I was thinking. :p

toxic_trance 2008-12-27 15:07

Firstly I would like to say I am happy with so many people voting.

@iyazoi... I am sorry if u found it offending. Generally people liked it so I didn't remove it


KholdStare 2008-12-27 15:17

Well I noticed the signs for sure but I didn't read the words since I was in a hurry. :heh: To be fair, yours is really excellent. I just like the appeal of colors.

toxic_trance 2008-12-27 16:21

@kholdstare..... Hehe.... What makes me happy the most is that u voted ^^

K.... Guys.... Spread the word more about the contest. I would love to.... But I won't be home till jan 1st.

Aoie_Emesai 2008-12-27 16:35

My Vote goes to Setsumaru this time ^^

Kinzoku 2008-12-27 21:35

I vote for Satsumaru, the colors and texture give the picture a nice touch.

Marina 2008-12-27 22:19

Vote toxic - love the style and the overall feel I get from it :)

Scep 2008-12-28 02:11

Eh... I totally forgot about the first voting phase apparently ~_~

Well.... My vote goes to the banner Toxic Trance :heh: Mainly for the awesome drawing and the perspective which i really liked. And, like ive said before, while Satsumaru's entry is really skillfully done, I don't really see a link to the theme "Winter memories".

Really close fight this time though. Can't wait to see the winner!

Urei 2008-12-28 03:40

It was a hard decision. I opted between Satsumaru and toxic.

Satsumaru's work is really nice and has a very stylish feel to it. I really like the color scheme and presented characters. You can clearly see that the author put a lot of effort into that work.

Toxic on the other hand created a great composition. A scene that almost feels as if alive. Nice and unique setting. Considering the Theme I chose toxic.

@Evil Rick, I really like the way you showed the theme of the contest.

toxic_trance 2008-12-28 22:47

I am bumping the thread. See this is the exact reason why I want everyone to leave a comment when they vote >.>

HayashiTakara 2008-12-28 23:07

I'll have to go for Toxic, even though I find Satsu to be very well done, it actually doesn't meet the criteria of "memories". It just kinda looks like a poster, pretty vague as to what its about.

Anyway, only 3 submissions? O_O... I would've submitted something but the holiday season is never a good time D:

toxic_trance 2008-12-28 23:09

@Hayashi..u have been away for so long that u have forgotten this is the second phase -_-

Three were chosen from 11 submissions while u were away >.>

HayashiTakara 2008-12-28 23:52


Originally Posted by toxic_trance (Post 2131760)
@Hayashi..u have been away for so long that u have forgotten this is the second phase -_-

Three were chosen from 11 submissions while u were away >.>

Oh right... lol, yeah I have been away, my computer was failing on me and I just got it upgraded. Pretty Sweet setup too. That contributed to my lack of attendence.

Valduran 2008-12-29 05:58

My vote goes to TT.

Satsumaru's was artistic and extremely well made(Honestly I think I like it the best), but as others have said, it doesn't have a very strong connection to this month's theme.

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