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StudioSCANIME 2008-12-29 06:30

Upcoming Anime Studio - Some practice with Naruto
Hey everyone.

I work in a music & media production studio and we're working on getting into animation. We've got some original ideas which I'm working hard on now, but in the meantime as kind of a "just for fun" thing we made this Naruto fan flash because my wife is a pretty big Naruto fan. I myself am more into shows like Berserk, Wolf's Rain, etc but she had started on this idea earlier in 2008 and kind of abandoned it so I thought we should finish it.

Here is the link to it in HD:

Normal Quality:

She did the animation for the Naruto characters and I mostly did editing, compositing, voices and sound effects.

All feedback is welcome.

StudioSCANIME 2008-12-29 07:22

Here is a link to more of her naruto fanart.

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