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Crimrui 2008-12-29 07:22

Saint Seiya RPG (Aurora Studio)
This is a fan made game in production from a certain group called Aurora Studio. I don't have much info about this because the site is on french so if anyone know any other information, please share. Personaly, it looks awesome and I'm not sure if it's fake though, go ahead and see for yourself.

Here is the trailer, and some more videos and info on it.

For those who don't know, here is a bit of info. Saint Seiya also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a manga series authored by Masami Kurumada, and later adapted to anime. The story follows five mystical warriors called the "Saints" who have adopted various constellations as their guardian symbols. The anime series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1987, but was cancelled in 1989. In 2002, Toei produced Saint Seiya: Hades, which continued adapting the manga story arcs to animation that remained pending when the anime was canceled in 1989.

The story fallows a certain Saint called Seiya who becomes the partner and friend of other Bronze Saints: Shun, Shiryu, Ikki, and Hyoga. As the myth of the saints, they must fight together to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena from any danger.

And yeah, this is taken straight from wikipedia :heh:

Kusa-San 2009-01-26 13:55

To answer your question, they said in their web site that the project is on hiatus (since april 2008). But they won't stop it. Here the reason :


Ce n'est pas abattu mais avec une énorme frustration que nous sortîmes de ce rendez-vous ; amer mais en tout cas enrichissant. Nous continuons nos investigations et cela nous propulse au TGS chez nos amis Nippons, aucuns membres de l'équipe n'a pu être présent mais la personne en charge de notre projet y était. Malgré son incompétence il a pu dégoter l'information capitale à la suite de notre projet : aucun droit et aucune licence de Saint Seiya n'est délivré sans l'accord de Kurumada ! Cela veut simplement dire qu'il faut l'approuval de Masami pour poursuivre l'aventure. Du moins pour notre cas car nous adaptons le manga papier.
They need the approval of Kurumada to pursue their project.

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