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Asakura_Y0h 2004-02-17 22:46

1) Just wanna know whether any or you have heard of this online game, am playing or not playing it.
2) If you are playing, can someone introduce some good forum sites for this game? Most are not informative at all... unless there aren't any.
3) If you have no idea what I'm talking about check it out here
4) If you are not playing state why
5) If you are playing and you have good suggestions for how to be a great mage, knight or pike man... please let me know.

By the way, this online RPG is free for those who would like to know.

I didn't wanna post this thread on the "introduce online game" cause i'd like to ask about this game specifically.... hope i don't get closed down. If I do, sorry about it!!!

Funnylink 2004-02-18 01:34

only reason why im not playing it is because its going to take 8 hours to download a patch

Asakura_Y0h 2004-02-18 01:45


Originally Posted by Funnylink
only reason why im not playing it is because its going to take 8 hours to download a patch

8 hours to download a patch??? what connection are you running....

sigh.... looks like i'm not gonna get much feedback for this post.... well... on an additional note..... if anyone here is playing the game let me know... I'd like to add more friends in the game

Funnylink 2004-02-18 01:48

really really fast cable

Asakura_Y0h 2004-02-18 02:32

OMG.... i didn't see the games thread!!!! yikes,,, i'm blind!!!!!! no wonder i wasn't getting as much viewing hits.... but then again looks like i'm not going to get much feedback since a lot of people haven't heard of this before huh?

srb 2004-02-18 10:59

I don't play PristonTale, because it's not a good game. It's old school monster bashing done wrong. Try out Lineage 2 or Dark Age of Camelot for good monster-bashing games (DAoC has lots of replayability and fun PvP as well).

Yugure 2004-02-20 23:32

I'm not playing it right now due to time constraints and lack of interest. There's been lots of hacking going on, even if the admins said they patched. There are still the trade hacks going on. Maybe if they put out AoR soon, then I'll pick it up again. I only play really because some of my friends do and they haven't been on either.

Kyoji 2004-02-22 06:19

you should have more poll options, i started playing it and loved it, played it for ages but then one day i didnt play it and havent since :s

Asakura_Y0h 2004-02-22 23:53


Originally Posted by Kyoji
you should have more poll options, i started playing it and loved it, played it for ages but then one day i didnt play it and havent since :s

hahahahaha.... that's an odd option... ok... hmm.. never thought of this one but y don u pick it up again?
i'm still playin... got a mage at lvl 24 and a priest at lvl 13....

about the trade hacks, as long as the other person clicks trade 1st hacking possibilities are lessened

Kyoji 2004-02-23 06:18

no point picking it up again anyway, my uber paladin man went away with my old hdd

MusicaStar 2004-03-05 00:06

I'm playing it. I found out about it a few days ago on another forum. I love it and have already made some friends. We play late nights and evenings mainly. I only have DSL and I didn't have a long download time or patching. I am an Atalanta character and I've only made it to lvl 11 now. MusicaStar if you are ever there.

xxziggybitsxx 2004-03-05 01:55

Lets see, i have a level 33 priesstess, and very close level 30 knight. Umm im not playing it right now, because the game is getting more and more cheap for Pristesses. ALL THEY DO IS ROCK DL, AND TAKE ALL THE GOODS THAT YOU EARN.. i know this one dude who made some PT flash movies, that rips on tha game.. IT IS Hillarious, and i suggest that all the people who HATE PRESSTESSS, go and check out this site, and watch ALL of his movies... Ohh and by the way, my pristess is name is Zigarina, and knight is Ziggybits :) ... (i know, i am soo origally :)) Anyways heres the link == VERY FUNNY

uLTraCarL- 2004-03-05 04:11

Pristontale, tried it. dumped it.
well.. its not as bad as biosfear :twitch:

Personally, i play Planetside :p

Biohazard 2004-03-05 12:32

I dunno, i tried it lots , and i stopped lots, it just got boring waaaaay too fast...
I know this game since 2 years now, it was kinda like an substitute for RagnarokOnline when there were issues with the servers...but i never played it lots...

Dunno why, it was just...i didnt like it too much, always the same... the beginning was lagging sooo much too...then it was pay to play...then free again... played korean version too ... but still... its kinda... boring ^^"

CheoChiem 2008-02-01 13:51

I stopped playing after lvl 65 priest Because not alot of ppl to play with and to go kill strong monsters u need lots of friends or so on lol

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