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Thomasunde 2009-01-03 16:24

>>>>> [Region 2]
I'm a new member here and I was scanning through the forums when I realised you didn't have a section for Region 2 DVDs.
I was hoping that you would put one in for us Brits because I can't make a thread on Death Note disscusion page and I need to ask of some peoples opinion on Volume 4.
Please consider it. :D

relentlessflame 2009-01-03 16:37

Well, this forum isn't organized by region, it's organized by show or topic. There's an entire Death Note section where you can discuss the show. If you don't find a specific thread in there that fits what you want to talk about, there's a thread specifically for requesting Death Note-related threads. Please review the existing threads in the section before suggesting a new one. In general, this forum isn't organized around the release of specific merchandise, though we do often have Merchandise-related threads. But if you want to talk about the content of those episodes, there should already be threads that fit the purpose there.

I hope this answers your question. Thread locked.

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