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Aquillion 2004-02-18 00:13

Vantage Master & Lord Monarch
A while back, Falcom translated Vantage Master (an old game of theirs) into English and released online--for free! You can get it at their website, here.

It's a decent fantasy-strategy kind of game with anime-style graphics where your play as a summoner who conjures up other elementals in battle to try and defeat various opponents. There's a lot of variety in your monsters, and the levels tend to be interesting, so it's worth giving it a try.

Elsewhere on the Falcom site, they offer a translated version of their game Lord Monarch for download. It's another strategy game with a slightly different flavor... In fact, the flavor changes from level to level, from Fantasy to Romance of the 3 Kingdoms to Futuristic Robots to rival Burger joints (seriously). The basic gameplay remains the same, though; you have to defeat your opponents by cleverly blocking off portions of the map and expanding into others, destroying or building bridges to make your enemies fight each other instead of you, etc, etc, etc. It's a fun game.

Anyway, I noticed some people talking about how cool Falcom was before, but nobody mentioned either of these. A company that translates its games into English and releases them for free online is, indeed, cool by anyone's standards.

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