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felix 2009-01-05 16:48

Anyone play/played LaTale?
Genre: anime style 2D side-scrolling mmorpg.

(pvp arena) Blader Vs. Warlord

I've played (tried out anyway xP) MapleStory and other similar ones (like Ghost) and this one is the best, the only down side is that (for the international version) if your on the other side of the world (servers are in California I think) the control may seem a little off sometimes due to latency. Other then that story, classes, skills, graphics and others are way up there as the best there is for this type of game.

The game uses sprites and anime graphics, no 3D cheap crap.

The games content is (mostly) free. The pay-ed content include fashion items, but there are some sold ingame by npc for game money if you really want to play with those. Of course you can always buy from other players as well.

There is a Wiki @ for various game content.

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