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Iplayrunescape 2009-01-06 18:53

I wanna make a manga
ok so.... i wanna make a manga.... REALLY REALLY BADLY!!

ok so really i just want something to do other than play runescape since my mom limited my computer time =/

and a manga seems like a good idea... i just need a few things..

a. is there like a program or something that makes it easier? i dont know i heard about animepro or whatever but is it good?? (preferibly a free one.. heh)

b. ideas for one??? thatd be cool... haha all i got is... well small snip-its of inspiration... no straight forward idea....

and c. is anyone interested in helping semi- to extensively with one.... my school is nearing mid terms so itll be hectic while i figure out what i actually want to do (i.e. plan it) but after things will smooth out cha know?

thanks =]]

MrTerrorist 2009-01-09 07:49

Nope, but i'm also interested in making a manga too. I got several stories in my mind that needs to be release to the world.

TheZap 2009-01-12 19:05

Well I am in the process of an anime, i got the systems, my bro got the plot, I got my character desighns (not done yet :O) yup ^^

Snider 2009-01-12 19:10

I want many things too...buying a ferrari, a private jet, build a time machine, fly to Neptune...yeah i want to make a manga too, actually what i really want is to make anime.
Then i just want to not feel this powerless :D


terrydy 2009-01-13 15:59

i can do some character design for it if u like

but i will definitely not have time to CG the drawings. so therefore, i will try to clean up as much as possible for the hand drawn material. It will not be inked neither since not enough time because of other manga projects. If you want, I can scan a sample design from my latest series in progress.

just pm me and i'll post the scan in this topic forums.

Ehko 2009-01-15 12:33

Every journey begins with a single step.If you want to make one, you need to just start scratching things down on paper.

As for proggies, im not sure there are any free versions of manga studio or w.e, but everything you'll need digtally after scanning images in probably can be done with free GIMP or free Paint.NET.

If things like story or character are holding you back, just start drawing random characters in diferent poses till you find the ones you like. Doing this can also help motivate a story and/or theme.

Also, don't let quality hold you back when starting. Even if you think your no good at drawing it's still more progressive if you just start doodling your best at first and improve over time. If you are motivated enough, you could always go back to redraw previous pages till you are satisfied.

If you want a team of helpers, your quality and workload could be balanced to not be so hard on you, but you'll need some more bait than the fact that your making a manga for the dedicated people to join in ;P

-Sho- 2009-01-15 14:07

when i was young (around 8-12 years ), my brother draw a lot of manga on paper , it was very good story and design ^^ I drawn one short bd too .

Now , i'm very bad on drawing :( i stopped , my brother too . But it was good moments ^^

terrydy 2009-01-15 22:45

Well, if you are ready, send me a basic description you would like the character to be. E.g.

personality traits:

Something like the above. General, age, sex and personality traits are the most important when designing characters.

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