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xreedhee 2009-01-25 11:22

Subs not working for .mkv file (hardsub)
It doesn't make any sense to me, the hardsubs aren't working. I played it with media player classic, zoom player, windows media player, divx, vlc player. None of them work, and I decided to ask a friend of mine. Hers is perfectly fine playing with zoom player.

TheFluff 2009-01-25 11:32

if they "don't work" they aren't hardsubs, just sayin'
(hardsubs are a part of the video picture, if you get video at all you will also get the subtitles)

could it be that you accidentally downloaded a raw?

xreedhee 2009-01-25 11:43

The thing is, that's why it doesn't make sense to me. I'm sure it's not a raw, and they are hardsubs.. I honestly don't know why they aren't working.

Fourth Episode. That should work..

Miles Teg 2009-01-25 11:53

They use softsub for this serie

xreedhee 2009-01-25 12:00

Okay. Got it to work.

esamerica 2009-02-24 16:06

subs not working queen millennia
I can't figure out how to get this queen millennia
at [Live-eviL]_Queen_Millennia_(TV)_-_01_[1CE2479A].mkv
I read on a page on this site that they had subtitles
please help
thank you

emptyeighty 2009-02-24 17:21

Basically use CCCP with one of the included players and you should be fine.

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