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dahl_moon 2009-01-26 01:44

Favorite Nico Singers Thread
I thought about attaching to an existing thread, but decided to just create one on its own. Any video sharing site nowadays has its own share of amateur singers, and Niconico douga is no different. nayuta, halyosy, Utawa Sakura(歌和サクラ) are classic favorites.

Spoiler for Youtube, Dear song by 歌和サクラ:

It also has a tag named "歌ってみた," or "tried singing." The perfect tag to go discover new artists.

Anyway, my current favorite is *spiLa* who I think is rather unappreciated.
Spoiler for Youtube for Saihate by *spiLa*:

のうぜんかつら -samurai ver.- by *spiLa*: (Sorry, no Youtube link)

Especially fantastic is Macross F Galactic Lullaby by *spiLa*: *spiLa* just takes the song to a new level, IMO.

Any other Niconico singers that I should be aware about?

asrielchase 2009-01-26 07:18

I was just wondering why isn't there a thread for niconico singers.. And bang! it's here :D Thx for creating thread dahl_moon!

My top 3 favorite female singers would be サリヤ人, 歌和サクラ, うさ
サリヤ人 and 歌和サクラ are both well known pros so nth to say really :rolleyes:
a pity that sariyajin stopped producing new ones and deleted a lot of her old songs.
Usa is a bit of an odd one for me, some of her songs aren't all that good but i became a fan anyway, I think it's her cover of celluloid and 夕日坂 moved me somehow.

【うさ】Wish (1 year anniversary song)
The niconico ver is full of おめでとうs and うさささささs btw :heh:

And I like their collaborations... ↓
【うさ & トゥライ】サンドリヨン(Cendrillon)

A recent discovery is ちょうちょ
found her through this...↓

Never heard of *spiLa* before, but damn she's very good. definitely have to keep an eye out for her new songs..

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