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Mystique 2009-01-30 22:59

Cowboy Bebop Live Action projects
I wasn't sure if I should make a thread rather called:

'Western/Japanese animation adapted to live action movie list'
Or something, I see tons and tons of movie threads in here that get very little limelight, seems more efficient to bundle movie related things in sub genres almost.
Nonetheless, i figure like DBZ, this'll get a few old school otaku out of their retirement homes and back into ranting and raving, depending on how 20C Fox play this.

For now, I've a bad feeling tho...


Cowboy Bebop
Starring: Keanu Reeves

Release Date: 2010
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Synopsis: Set in a time where "astral gates" make interstellar travel possible. Humanity, decimated by a lunar explosion resulting from a gate accident, spread out across the solar system, as did crime, which gave rise to the use of bounty hunters.
Keanu as aloof, laid back Spike Spiegel? :uhoh:
Time will tell, i suppose....

On a mini side note of other old school animation being adapted or remade...

Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson is to direct Masters of the Universe, a live-action version of the hit 1980s cartoon He-Man, according to reports.
Action film producer Joel Silver will work on the film with Warner Brothers and toy company Mattel, Variety said.

A Transformers sequel is due for release this summer and GI Joe and Hot Wheels films are also to hit cinemas.
And with Akira on the way too (by warner bros tho)
All we need is what... Eva as an 'old anime classic' and then I think we got the lot. xD

Claude 2009-01-30 23:05

I was surprised when I first read about this a while back.
As you've mentioned, I'm not sure if Keanu Reeves can pull off Spike.
I'm all for it if there's Jeet Kune Do in it though.

TinyRedLeaf 2009-01-30 23:21


Originally Posted by Mystique (Post 2190062)
For now, I've a bad feeling tho...

Keanu as aloof, laid back Spike Spiegel? :uhoh:

Somehow, I'm reminded of Constantine. :uhoh:

Besides, it's not going to work unless a Singaporean plays Faye Valentine. And I'm not saying that because I'm biased! :p

flohtingPoint 2009-01-31 00:02

Eh... Reeves as Spike?

I am Spike "Theodore" Logan!!!!!


mako1138 2009-01-31 01:43

I have a bad feeling about this.

Edgewalker 2009-01-31 02:00

What is the source of this info ?

I still want to believe it's just a bad rumor started in the depths of 4chan to troll people.

tenkenX6 2009-01-31 02:15

Lol, Keanu Reeves as Spike doesn't fit at all. :twitch: If it still stands as him being Spike when this comes out, it's going to be horrific. I've never liked Keanu Reeves. For the most part, he's a very mediocre actor at best, IMHO. :heh:

Shadow Kira01 2009-01-31 02:28

2010.. Still over a year? :)

I don't think this is such a good idea. A live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop? I guess I will watch the anime in a few months, maybe.

Mystique 2009-01-31 02:31


Originally Posted by Edgewalker (Post 2190236)
What is the source of this info ?

I still want to believe it's just a bad rumor started in the depths of 4chan to troll people.

you can google that to see various links (and I wouldn't make a thread for it :rolleyes:)
but here:

My personal source is killermovies:

MrTerrorist 2009-01-31 12:18

Unlike all of you, i have high hopes for this adaption since, the producer is working closely with the creator of Cowboy Bebop so it's bound to be good. Further more Keanu is an anime fan so he knows the source material well.

OutSmart 2009-01-31 15:19

Cowboy Bebop was my first anime import and still is my favourite anime. Its, for me simply the best anime I've seen and I loved everysingle minute of it, while I was playing the DvD in my old xbox, as soon as the package arrived from wherever.

Now, if I asked for a thing was to see more of cowboy bebop: another movie (the last one as good), another story in the universe, I dont know.. something. A live-action movie crossed my mind but spike spiegel, faye, ed, ein and jet are my all time favourite anime crew and to be able to find the perfect set of actors to match this memmorable characters, in a way that every slingle fan doesnt get mind fucked just by looking at it, will be very hard.

I've got nothing against Keanu Reeves (Matrix anyone?) and he does have some spike spiegel look a like quality, and he is a good actor, so he might just be able to pull of some of spikes attitude and style, but still, as a fan, a GREAT fan, I'm worried.

well, he does looks pretty spike spiegel laid back on those phtos..

but will he pull of the whole deal?

Plus, who will be playing the rest of the crew characters... for me, all of'em are major! if they mess up with even ein and get me a frekin golden retriever that knoes how to play american footbal I'll get super sayan stage 99999999999999999999999 on the producers ass

I want to be optimistic about this.. I do.. although I'm afraid they kill the franchise and even damage the perfect nostalgia I have from Cowboy Bebop, but I wont make my conclusions this early.

I want to see more.

Kusa-San 2009-02-01 08:10

Keanu Reeves as Speike Spiegel O_o Erf i hope he will let his hair growing :heh: But I agree in your pictures OutSmart, he looks like Spike.

Anyway i will pray everyday for this adaptation to not be like the DragonBall one :heh:

OutSmart 2009-02-01 10:06

Oh trust me, you wont be praying alone. ^^

-KarumA- 2009-02-01 10:39

my dog could play Ein =P

Waking_Dreamer 2009-02-01 10:54

The question for me is who's going to play Faye?

A lot of her character is projected through her appearance. If they dont get that spot on it'll be harder to believe that she is Faye.

TinyRedLeaf 2009-02-01 11:22


Originally Posted by Waking_Dreamer (Post 2192541)
The question for me is who's going to play Faye? A lot of her character is projected through her appearance. If they dont get that spot on it'll be harder to believe that she is Faye.

I humbly nominate Gwendoline Yeo, better known for being the English voice actress of Final Fantasy X-2's Paine.

Listen, I'm not biased. :p If we want to portray Faye accurately, we've got to use a Singaporean.

Waking_Dreamer 2009-02-01 11:31

Was she from Singapore in the series?

I remember she went back to some Asian country in the series... right?

I cant remember...its been so long.

TinyRedLeaf 2009-02-01 12:09

Well, considering that this was what she remembered from her childhood...I'd say that the odds are very good she's from a certain city-state 1deg north of the equator. :D

And judging from how she was running uphill towards her home near the ruined cityscape, I'd reckon she was the spoilt rich daughter of some tycoon who lived near Emily Hill, one of poshest areas in this country's commercial district. (But that's 100% speculation on my part — my friend and I used to joke that Faye was most probably a student at an extremely prestigious convent school here :p).

cuteycindyhoney 2009-02-01 22:39

Who is going to play Ed???

wingdarkness 2009-02-02 01:15

Keeanu Reeves has played (or made) every character the same...The last time I saw Reeves not play that same melancholy, rangeless character was probably in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey...Not to say that he sucks (I mean most his roles need that kind of character), but if he plays Spike that straightforward I can't help but be worried by that...All things being equal though, the fact that Reeves will star means that this movie (unlike DB-movie) might actually get the budget to be a truly amazing film...

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