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Pellissier 2009-02-04 06:42

Toradora! - Episode 18 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Toradora!, Episode 18.

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typhonsentra 2009-02-04 08:45

Can't wait. :)

KallenMiki 2009-02-04 10:05


Originally Posted by typhonsentra (Post 2197985)
Can't wait. :)

me too! I wonder what would happen to Taiga :p

maxpepper 2009-02-04 13:26

Ami fans will be happy :)

at 8:54/23:55 you can see 2 characters from Minami-ke (I think)

physics223 2009-02-04 15:41

I started watching the RAW, and when I realized there was a significant focus on Ami, I stopped. This is going to be good. Again. Haha.

Deathscyther 2009-02-04 15:56

Good episode. Focused mostly on Taiga, but both Ami and Minorin had a nice scene as well.

The episode was mostly building up to the next episode (probably the climax of this arc).

Mei19 2009-02-04 16:36

Kushieda gets on my nerves but I'd rather watch her get depressed than have my eardrum bleed from her hyperactiveness.:D Great episode but there's no Inko-chan appearance. And Taiga's voice fits her to a tee. The Christmas tree pretty. It made me want to clap with her when they finished it XD The WTF expression of everyone when a lone ball crashed the tree was even more priceless. I'm sensing a large amount of drama next episode...

Tatakae 2009-02-04 16:48

So, Taiga was in
... Hm, I really like how the series tells and shows us new insights into the characters personalities and private life after 17 episodes allready.

In all, it was another great episode with small character developments for Taiga and Ami, and Minori, who is still uneasy around Ryji but who tried to be more open and friendly by apologizing for not hanging around him and Taiga like she did before. The episode was devoid of (high) drama until the last few minutes ... poor Minori, must be really hard for her.
The relation between Ryji and Minori begins to deepen more in this episode - the last minutes are touching. And Ryji speaks to Minori, for once, rather bluntly about his feelings for her. Not in a classic お前が好きだ! way, more in an symbolic way, but still rather directly for japanese.

Raiga 2009-02-04 16:55

I liked Taiga telling about why she wanted to believe in Santa (at least as much as I could understand). Thought that was some really nice insight into her character.

Can't wait for subs! ^^

Tyabann 2009-02-04 18:10

So how much did they change THIS time?

Darknemo2000 2009-02-04 18:51


Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon (Post 2198806)
So how much did they change THIS time?

I thought you liked anime and what they are doing with it...

Tyabann 2009-02-04 18:57


Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 (Post 2198877)
I thought you liked anime and what they are doing with it...

To quote Rhinox from Beast Wars: "I'm in a BAD mood".

And actually, I'm always rather curious about how much they've changed...

typhonsentra 2009-02-04 19:49

Rhinox in Beast Machines, ugh.... I know I'm going off on a tangent but way to ruin a good character.

And now that I'm so late getting to this episode I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon to check it out if there's subs so I can fully appreciate it without any spoilers. After that I'll try and find time to read V7 before next Wednesday. God, I love this series! :)

roan 2009-02-04 19:57


Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon (Post 2198888)
To quote Rhinox from Beast Wars: "I'm in a BAD mood".

And actually, I'm always rather curious about how much they've changed...


Tri-ring 2009-02-04 21:09

Spoiler for Ami admits her feelings:

SageGaiGar 2009-02-04 21:54

She's cried wolf too many times for him to really pay attention(in terms of teasing). Better luck next time.

Honestly they didn't change too much, left out a few things. Would have liked to see more, but the pacing was steady, next week should be very interesting.

Spoiler for ryu:

Peanutbutter 2009-02-04 23:14

Spoiler for Ep 18:

Bonta Kun 2009-02-04 23:25


Originally Posted by SageGaiGar (Post 2199132)
Spoiler for ryu:

Spoiler for Ryu:

Vexx 2009-02-04 23:40

wellllllll, if it were top heavy and hit it just right...... but its basically a "one in a million" hit.

Oddly, its the first element of this story that really has my left eyebrow arched. Bit of a 'deux ex whoopsie' to mangle the Latin....

wistfulloner 2009-02-05 06:44

It's a ball traveling at a several dozen meters per second. Knocking a tree off it's base should be the least it can do.

Taiga basically stole the whole show. Somehow, her strong belief in something or someone watching over her explains her recent cutefest and good behavior very well. While I myself am an atheist, Taiga's overwhelming reverence of the Santa she believes in makes her so much more human and less iron-lady; everyone has something they believe in.

Also, young Taiga is totally kawaii!!!

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