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videoman190 2009-02-04 10:13

Fukio "MTJ" Mitsuji (creator of Bubble Bobble) dead?
Found out this tragic news on a Japanese message board. Apparently, Fukio "MTJ" Mitsuji (三辻富貴朗), the designer of Bubble Bobble, Popils, and other games, passed away back in December.

There are no news articles about this that I can find. From what I can tell, this all stems from a post on a message board on Japanese social networking site Mixi.

Bubble Bobble I one of my favorite games on the arcade and NES he will be missed!

Shadow Kira01 2009-02-04 16:01

The guy had passed away on December 11 last year after suffering from kidney failure and a heart attack which left him in a comatose state before death.

yezhanquan 2009-02-05 01:18

Is there a proper bio on the guy, or is he regarded as just an "employee"?

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