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Locis 2009-02-05 16:59

Locis' Tags.
[center]Hai ther.
Looks like you've stumbled upon my gallery. How fortunate of you.

Well, here is some of my sigs. I've been making graphics for a year and a month. ;D

These are some of my latest. I'll post more later.

Mon Cheri 2009-02-05 17:26

Congrats on opening your very own thread, Locis!
Your signatures looks good, and i like those two i quoted best :)

Cookies for you :)

Ehko 2009-02-06 01:50

your examples caught my interests

I look forward to seeing more of you works

escimo 2009-02-08 16:46

Very very nice stuff. I like your subtle use of colors.
We wants more of this.
And oh, almost forgot...

Congratulations on opening your thread and welcome to Fan Creations.

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