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NoSanninWa 2009-02-14 01:21

Tales of the Abyss - Episode 20 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Tales of the Abyss, Episode 20.

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NoLongerSane 2009-02-14 02:01

Watched the raw
Spoiler for Episode 20:

Peanutbutter 2009-02-14 02:15

Spoiler for Ep 20:

serenade_beta 2009-02-14 07:52

Spoiler for ep20:

Forever 2009-02-21 18:34

Arietta's death is really sad. I am really not used to watch small cute little girls dying... Was it really necessary for the authors to write her death?

darkchibi07 2009-02-21 19:50

How the heck did Sunrise make Arietta's death more depressing than in the game! Poor Arietta! :upset:

Shiroth 2009-02-21 19:53


Originally Posted by Forever (Post 2230050)
Arietta's death is really sad. I am really not used to watch small cute little girls dying... Was it really necessary for the authors to write her death?

Personally i think it was the only way she could have been saved. I mean even if she did survive after losing the fight, it's not like she can just carry on with her life. A shame i know, though i guess it had to happen.

FlareKnight 2009-02-21 21:01

I wasn't looking forward to this.

Definitely managed to make her death feel sadder here even though I knew it was coming. Just too bad they couldn't find something for her to keep on going for. Killed the Ligers, killed Ion, and pretty much nothing else she had enough of a connection to. Feel they couldn't save her and thus didn't.

siden87 2009-02-22 08:41

I'm glad that the anime choose the right time show Anise using her artes from the game (Negative Gate and her Mystic Arte Final Fury, although I'm wishing for more) rather than the usual Tokunaga's punches.


Originally Posted by darkchibi07 (Post 2230144)
How the heck did Sunrise make Arietta's death more depressing than in the game! Poor Arietta! :upset:

I agree. Especially with the additional scenes on how she was raised and then picked by Van, then the touching scenes after she was beaten, made it more sad.

Sinestra 2009-02-23 09:45

I felt really wrong watching Arietta's death it was really damn sad. At first i thought she was just really hurt then i saw her reaching upwards and seeing the mother liger and Ion and i was like oh shit shes done for. That was the only part besides the pendant Luke found that kept me interested the pendant was a huge hint and its very obvious who it belongs too.

still very very sad to see a loli die like that:( I get the feeling majority if not all of the God Generals are going to bite the dust. I can see Tear landing the fatal blow on her teacher the chick with the guns if she didnt die in the avalanche.

Deathkillz 2009-02-24 12:29

Oh snap...Arietta!!! ;______;

Why did it happen ;_______;

Some thoughts.

Eisdrache 2009-03-09 01:12

So I watched 16-20 this night and I have to say that after those average episodes and lots of Luke annoyance the Arietta vs Anise fight as well as showing Largo being GAR just made up for everything.

I cried when she died ;_;

Red_eyes 2009-03-12 19:03

Arietta is the most tragic character in the anime. First, her mother gets killed which is ultimately because Mieu was retarded and set fire to the forest the ligers were living in. That was one of the dumbest reasons ever. Then the person she cares for the most gets killed thanks to Anise. Van, her savior, also appeared to be dead. In the final battle all of her family dies and it wasn't even a fair duel in the first place. Last time I checked, a duel is one on one and her ligers are her tools of fighting. Obviously they are no match for our 'heroes' especially Jade's magic. If Luke etc. could join in, Largo might as well be part of the fight too. By the time she died I just felt like our team of 'heroes' were in fact, the villains. Anise on the other hand, the Judas of the team survived. Oh how I despise Anise and Luke is barely tolerable. Everything really was Anise's fault, yet she never apologizes to Arietta.

FireChick 2009-04-05 09:20

I finally saw this episode. I can't believe I didn't cry when Arietta died!:( She was one of my favorite characters! Yeah, Arietta is one of the very few anime villains that I actually like, and I can think of a few reasons why. Her past story made me sad. I guess she was previously a feral child before Ion and Van made her civilized. But I did like the pink outfit she wore in the flashbacks with Van and Ion! Soooo cute!

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