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Newprimus 2004-02-21 06:36

A suggestion for board structure
I'm not sure if there's a way to change this easily, but I don't like the way the thread starter's name is right under the thread title. For a while I kept thinking it was the brief thread description, not the starter's name.

I would suggest returning the thread starter's name to where it was and maybe including a short thread description function underneath the thread titles, or leaving that space blank like how it used to be.


xris 2004-02-21 07:15

Bear in mind that currently we are running close to the default set-up for the new implementation of vBulletin (which was forced on us a bit earlier than intended). So the current look of the forums isn't one we had any choice over.

GHDpro will be working on the appearance of the site when he is able but please give him the chance to make the modifications.

I also agree about the position of the thread starter's name but don't forget that there's no need to put a thread description since you can obtain this by hovering the mouse over the box which contains the thread name. But I wish the layout was set up like the previous version (trouble is, I can't remember what it used to be like exactly :) ).

BTW, I might merge this thread with the other thread concerning the New Look

Newprimus 2004-02-22 01:14

Nah, nevermind. Forget about it. ;)

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