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EfrainMan 2009-02-15 02:59

Anything special about Chihiro's MKV subs?
Because I can't get them to appear. Their FAQs say to have CCCP with vobsub filter support. Well I have that, and properly set up since I can play anything I've ever downloaded, except one of their latest subs. I tried all sorts of settings in DirectVobSub, Haali Splitter and ffdshow, but I can't get them to turn on. What am I missing?

Craymel 2009-02-15 18:20

What is the file name I'd like to check it out. My cynical side is telling me the key word here is chihiro...

Daiz 2009-02-19 09:05

Other than the horrible styling, there shouldn't be anything technically special about them. But do post the name of the problematic file in question.

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