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evil-samurai 2006-09-02 11:24

Until Death Do Us Part

Description: Blind guy who kicks ass and protects a little girl

Genre: Action, Seinen

Scanlation Group: Bakafish

Its just started being scanlated, and with only 3 chapters out, its really! good. It being worked on by the same guy who done the Spriggan manga (TAKASHIGE Hiroshi), and the art is by DOUBLE-S. Although you know some could write it off, with the Description.. because of the whole 'protecting a girl' but here its so well done it feel kinda original. Please at least check out a few chapters.

What interests me the most about the manga is that the main character is Blind.. and he still kicks the ass of everybody :heh: Art is Fantastic, the action and moments of the charaters are smooth, plus it helps having likeable interesting! characters.

Lawfer 2007-10-27 07:35

No more scanlation for this one...

Valerian Mengsk 2008-06-03 15:09

Until Death Do Us Part
Summary from Onemanga:


The series is about a blind guy and a girl who is precogniant of things to come. (It means she can sort of see the future.) The girl happens to be in the care of a certain company and she wants to get away, so using her abilities she finds the blind guy, who kicks much ass, and tries to escape.
This Summary is unfortunately a very vague description of a pretty cool manga IMO.
The manga reads and looks like a Hollywood action flick, except the manga has more plot and more science know how behind it than the average action flick.
Only 13 chapters have been released so far, which is too bad since the plot moves pretty fast and pretty smoothly.

And of course there is a ton of ass kicking going on by a blind swordsman, who is not quite as bad off as you first think.

Anyway, I think I am just going to shut up and back off and allow the manga to speak for itself.

yongshun 2008-06-03 21:55

Nice Series reminds me of Zatochi got the nice balance of action and dialog mixed in it would make a pretty decent action anime if the right company take control.

ZODDGUTS 2008-06-03 22:16

I have a feeling he's really going to end up with the girl there's been some hints, I'll probably happen after maybe a time jump plus the manga-ka describe the series as a action/love romance story. :)

yongshun 2008-06-03 22:33


Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS (Post 1631861)
I have a feeling he's really going to end up with the girl there's been some hints, I'll probably happen after maybe a time jump plus the manga-ka describe the series as a action/love romance story. :)

personally I dont see that happaning more likely he will end up with the person he will end up with

Valerian Mengsk 2008-06-04 08:55

I have to agree with yongshun on that.

Any ideas on what the
Spoiler for Bad Guys Plans:

I am looking forward to Mamuro having a true challenge pretty soon.

Oh, and I love how inaccurate everyone is with pistols, that's so like real life.

Renegade334 2008-06-04 09:41


Originally Posted by Valerian Mengsk (Post 1631117)
The manga reads and looks like a Hollywood action flick, except the manga has more plot and more science know how behind it than the average action flick.

That's to be expected from the scenarist, who also came up with Spriggan, Verdant Lord and Kyo (not Samurai Deeper Kyo, before you start asking). They all involve tech or history in one way or another. Quite frequently, though.

personally I dont see that happaning more likely he will end up with the person he will end up with

Spoiler for big plot turn:

Deathkillz 2008-06-05 10:40

^ That's quite a big spoiler...

Well so I took a look at this series and I find it strangely attractive :)

That one man siege on the yakuza group from Mamoru (lolz at the name too, classic pun ;)) was GARly.

There seems to be a lot of "superpower groups" from this series which makes it especially interesting. I also enjoy the science bits too like how Mamoru's blade is able to cut through bonds. It's impossible to thing of something like that happening in reality (well, with our current tech).

Though up to the current scanned chapters I've noticed a big lack of scenes with the girl (the fact that I can't even remember her name is a point XD).

Sinestra 2008-06-05 15:21

Just read up to chapter 3 quite an interesting manga we have here. A blind man whos not so blind with a little help and a little girl whose future forecasting ability is about 90% what an odd yet very interesting duo. So far i like what i see there is something about a blind person kicking the living hell out of baddies for the sake of a lil un. Well on to the next chapter

incube 2008-10-15 20:27

Strange there are so few ppl following this manga... it is really good and has almost everything i like about mangas and animes: action, romance and interesting characters. I just hope they wont drop it half way like the last couple of mangas i read =(

Here is the cover of the manga:


Spoiler for chapter 16:

Valerian Mengsk 2008-10-15 21:33

I don't get it either, probably because there isn't
A: Fan-service, or at least not enough to qualify
B: It is not a shounen
C: I have no idea, but you don't see people raving about Red Eyes either (which is a hard-core, realistic look at the development of mecha, and its implementation on the battlefield, and has a lead character a lot like Mamoru as well)

Spoiler for Chp.16:

ReddyRedWolf 2008-10-16 02:35

I loled at his tech partner's expression.

Especially Sierra's "Don't you dare tell him about it.".

I'm only up to chapter 16 but that lil girl will have an interesting life growing up.


A: Fan-service, or at least not enough to qualify
Read the omake the assistants are asking why the author doesn't draw panties.

Also that the assistants accusing the Author he sees himself in Mamuro thus his fantasies.

His caricature running away denying it.

Sinestra 2008-10-16 09:52

Im actually liking the series quite a bit. Im up to chapter 16 and have not lost interest and honestly with the premise of a pre-cog girl and her blind swordsman bodyguard this is a great premise for an anime or at least a couple of OVA's. Im also liking the the squad that they have put together. Especially the women who lost her child to a terrorist attack she rules.

hakisak 2009-02-17 04:06

Until Death Do Us Part
I can't understand why this Manga doesn't have a thread and doesn't seem to be well known:upset:

Edit: 2/26/09-32 chapters have been scanalated in English 1-74 are available in Raw

Suki Member Reviews

(@The members who thanked me personally. It was better than cookies :nod: Thank you for that. You guys rulez!)

User FlyByNite said:

I came across this manga a few months ago and have been loving it a lot. The storyline is pretty interesting, there's some rather unique and cool characters, and the artwork in it is awesome. I love how detailed and photo-realistic it is at times.
User Kyo69 said :

"I just read the first chapter and its awesomeness exceeded my expectations. ).

And it's a good thing you're obsessive about this. Cuz it's worth it and I found out about this great manga because of that so keep on obsessing!

Thanks again and see you around! "
User SageGaiGar said:

Thanks ...

I'm kind of reminded of Daredevil a bit with the vision. Monoblade's wicked cool too, would love to see a straight up knife/dagger version.

User kayote said:


i stated to read it because it was something different. it had a lot of different genras and it fits well within the storyline. Supernatural and futuristic technology being the most prodomenint. i was hooked at the first chapter. i mean how can you not be.

it is a movie in a sense. and the writing is good as well. the progession of the plot is balanced and the new characters are fitting in nicely into the story.

i love this sort of semi-dark mangas. i am now at chapter 13. and it is very intresting so far.

it is very movie'esc.

Spoiler for Random Chara's and Chapter covers (Hot Chicks):

Categories: action, adventure, Seinen
Author: Takashige Hiroshi
Artist: Double-S (they are one in the same)

Plot: In any case, the series itself is about a blind guy and a girl who is precognitive of things to come. There are terrorists who wants to use her powers for nefarious reasons. So as a means of escape... She teams up with A blind guy who works for a secret organization that uses criminals to catch criminals...Known as "Blade"


Taken from Wikipedia

Elements Network

Main characters
Blade (Runner)

Mamoru Hijikata (土方 護, Hijikata Mamoru)He is the protagonist of the story. Although he is completely blind, he was once a master at swordplay. To compensate for Mamoru's lost vision, Ikawa has developed a device with an outer appearance of a pair of sunglasses, that projects directly onto Mamoru's retina a rendered first-person view of Mamoru's surroundings in the fashion of a wire-frame model. Having learned many real-combat sword-fighting techniques, and with the newly-gained "sight," he is able to engage in direct combat with his opponents.

Haruka Tōyama (遠山 遥, Tōyama Haruka)
She is the female leading character of the story. She possesses the ability to foresee the future, or more accurately, many possible future outcomes.

Ikawa (井川, Ikawa)Mamoru's teammate who mainly deals with the technical aspects of Blade's operations. Drives in a Chevrolet Astro modified with electronics and communications equipments, including a police scanner with the van being made bulletproof.

~Hijikata uses Glasses/Shades that are attached to his cane/Katana. Using light (even starlight) and sound they project images onto his retina's. Using explosives or any kind of noise maker he can increase his range of vision. The glasses allow him to dodge and cut and bullets, as well as dodge attacks and scope out weapons and enemies.
He sees like this

~Hijikata's sword is thin enough to pass between molecules it has mono-molecular coating to reinforce the blade. It can cut virtually anything

The artwork, the action, the story is kick ass. If you like Anti-Hero's that have no qualms with dismemberment...this is the manga for you....
It rules beyond belief, it blends mature content with scientific theory but doesn't weigh down the storyline.

Please spread the word, and read this manga nao!

Kafriel 2009-02-17 04:58

Awesome setting for a long-running manga with a deep plot! Looks like all the Hijikatas out there are cool, but what happens if someone just knocks off his glasses? (not that they'd have the time to get so close, just saying)

hakisak 2009-02-17 05:05

He moves like he's not blind, his glasses has been disabled before...his reflexes and his fighting abilities are top notch! He's the man...

Read the Manga and find out!

Just a teaser that I hope makes people want to read it

Colored by Ehko

Kafriel 2009-02-17 06:05

On to chapter 7, today's keyword is monomolecular! Now I just have to read the other 24 chapters or I won't be able to sleep peacefully...this manga is a treasure waiting to be animated :) (but first we gotta get more of the manga :heh:)

hakisak 2009-02-17 06:08

I want it to be animated too...but then I think about the butchering of KuroKami...and tremble in fear. :upset: (It went from Seinen to Shounen) :frustrated:

It's kickass right? I told you....

Damn you and that perverted avatar...I can't concentrate :heh:

(It's already got over 9 volumes)

Kafriel 2009-02-17 09:18

Mamoru is 100% hardcore...I've seen hundreds of people cracking teeth but nobody ever did that before :O He's definitely the #1 badass blind guy in the mangaverse. BTW! how old is Haruka, she doesn't look more than 15 to me.

EDIT:she's actually 12 0_0

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