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Michael Hopcroft 2004-02-21 22:08

Good Anime games for GameCube
I have the misofrutne of being a GameCube user. Hey, it was cheap! And it's actually a fairly nice system. But most of the developers ahve not dicosvered it. I don't know for sure which games I should buy, and I'm so bad at video games that I don't know if I'll ever have the patience to get through one to the end. I guess being a tabletop roleplayer I have a completely non-bideogame mindset.

What would people recommend that will play on American GameCube that will satisfy my needs?

sambao 2004-02-21 22:23

u can by P.N.03 from Best Buy for $10. donno if you'd like it tho, it's a shooter game dressed up as an action game. u run around and shoot, but u cant run and shoot at the same time. u gotta learn enemy attack patterns and hide behind walls and stuff.

but if that isnt your type (I doubt it is) u can try more simpler games like smash brother and pikmin. they are also about $30 each and lots of people seem to enjoy them.

Kyoji 2004-02-22 06:11

misfortune nothing!!! Gamecubes are great, you should pick up Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2.
slap a freeloader in the mix and everything works fine

plus the game is damn good

edit: i know this isnt an anime game but i think that everyone should play Doshin the Giant at least once in their lives XD (plus it is insanely cheap to buy in shops)

El Diablo 2004-02-22 21:15

Viewtiful Joe, man, i love this game. Its hard, has a great fighting system and just oozes style. You should certainly check this out if you're an anime fan. Tales of symphonia is going to be coming out soon, as is Baten Kaitos.

Tenkoy 2004-02-25 01:18

And there is Zelda as well, it has a fairly distinct anime presence even if the presence is old-school. If you can get your hands on The Zelda Complete Collection, I would highly recommend it.

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in particular show some anime-like tendancies.

OhJustSomeRandomGuy 2004-02-26 12:50

Naruto 2 was ok, although, not really all that deep of a fighting game. It does look really, really nice though. It's about as close to the anime as you could have hoped for, the moves, the animation look very nice. They need a bigger variety of supers, though.

P.N. 03 is a horrible game. It has the worst intro ever. She just sits there bobbing her head to's beyond stupid.

I've only had a GameCube for 2 months though, so I haven't played all that many anime games for it.

Shadowlord 2004-02-27 19:20

Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 is definetally one to pick up, juast make sure you have freeloader and a spare memory card.

Mr_Anonomis 2004-02-27 20:21

whatever anyone tells you Zelda Windwaker is a crappy game, it's not link, i can beat it in 2.5 hours, animation is so-so, and the storyline is quite boring, it's not worth wasitng the money on.

There's always, like already said, ssb, metroid prime, and some more i cant remember now, but ill check what i've got and get back... i have so many cool games.

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