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TronDD 2004-02-21 23:31

Japanese Windows games on non-Japanese Windows
Supposedly it's doable to install games designed for Japanese WinXP/2k on the English Windows OS (I did run Wind, that's available on suki). However, I guess there can be problems if the Japanese game was written for Japanese Win98/Me.

Anyone have any experiance with this? I'm specifically considering getting Kanon which is written for Japaense Win98/Me. I wonder if it'll run in 2k.

Zephronite 2004-02-21 23:53

I guess it will. Just use the Compatibility Mode and you're good.

rayearth 2004-02-21 23:57

For 2K and XP, you can install the multilingual user interface pack (can only be installed on English versions and for XP you need Professional), change your whole Windows into Japanese default and 99.9% Japanese software will run without problems. Some will still refuse to run though if they specifically check if you got Japanese windows installed (not just Windows in Japanese mode), but from memory, only Battle Raper (which was a waste of time anyway) had such a check (yeah, Kanon works in this setup).

If you don't have the MUI, you can try just installing those languages, set your default language to Japanese and give it a shot. You can also "cheat" some with 3rd party software like NJSTAR and Richwin, but they don't work as well as they used to back in 9x.

Talking about Kanon I might as well say for AIR, MAKE SURE you get the patch avaliable from the original website first.

So far I haven't seen any that needs to be run on compatibility mode.

zalas 2004-02-22 16:04

Kanon and AIR seemed to run fine on my computer, but that could be because I had it set to default to Japanese encoding for non unicode applications.

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