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zalas 2009-03-03 06:48

Planetarian Movie in the making?
If this blog is to be believed, Kyoto Animation will announce details of a joint Tomoyo After/planetarian theatrical release after the last episode of CLANNAD AFTER. Supposedly, Tomoyo After will occupy 60 minutes of the showing time and planetarian will take 30 minutes. I guess we will find out soon if it's for real or not...

Tempester 2009-03-03 07:14

I'm leaving some room for doubt but if it turns out true then...

HELL YEAH PLANETARIAN!!! :hyper-^v^: :bow: :nod: :smile: :kisskiss: :bow: :bow: :kisskiss: :blush:

But I always thought Planetarian needed at least 50 minutes if not a complete feature-length film to be told properly.

SaintessHeart 2009-03-03 09:12

Planetarian is worth making into a movie. The storyline is quite nice after all.

I am not sure about Tomoyo After, I am a Tomoya x Fuko shipper.

Crisano 2009-03-03 09:22


Originally Posted by zalas (Post 2248343)
theatrical release

I'm actually more interested in seeing how Kyoto Animation will handle a movie (OVAs aside).

Hopefully this is confirmed true. It would be interesting.

Shiroth 2009-03-03 09:23

I'm all for a Planetarian movie by kyoani. At least that way they'll keep the godly musical score.

orion 2009-03-03 09:24

Tomoyo already had an OVA. They should just do the planetarian movie.

Ottocycle 2009-03-04 15:37

Indeed a Planetarian movie is definitely worth cheering for. Very awesome news. Honestly can't bring myself to care much for TA though, since I'm kind of a Clannad canonist. :p

Shadow Kira01 2009-03-04 17:18

Tomoyo After in anime form sounds fantastic!

Not sure about Planetarian though, I have yet to try out the visual novel. There seems to be a lack of characters and the story itself is very linear in which you don't get to make any choices at all. It's one of those kinetic novels. I don't like kinetic novels, ova sounds better.

Avisch 2009-03-04 18:07

Hmmm. More Tomoyo is always good.
Planetarian definitely works better as a movie than a series considering how short it is (I haven't played it myself though).

orion 2009-03-04 18:08

planetarian has more content than just the kinetic novel. It also has 4 short stories of which one of them is the conclusion and the other is the prequel to the kinetic novel. If you want to be spoiled, look it up on wiki.

Another one here wanting to hear that score again and to see the real conclusion animated.

Leo_Otaku 2009-03-05 00:04

If they were to make a movie they would only be able to fir the original game in the 30 minutes. They could release theothers in OVA format perhaps.

Ithekro 2009-03-05 01:50

From my understanding ths is one of the sadder Key stories. One of the more beautiful, but still sad stories. Also doesn't have a very large cast, so that is one less expense I guess.

Nosauz 2009-03-05 20:42

I'm hoping this graces the silver screen some time in the future, dystopian societies rock.

off topic but hands maid tale anime movie, do want

k'2 2009-03-05 20:58

thank god at last a movie

now i wish they would make an anime to Megaman X to be told properly

Sakuya 2009-03-05 23:33

If this is true, I'll be so excited! Have been waiting for something like this forever! :uhoh: But I agree, on the surface, 30 minutes seems a bit too short for Planetarian?

Antenor 2009-03-08 01:09

I can see some trouble in adapting Planetarian... It's a slow-paced, atmospheric work. I'll still be looking forward to it, though.

Can't get enough of its musical score.

LoweGear 2009-03-08 01:45

Please be true , please be true, please be true...

Planetarian Movie would be a dream come true... yet so sad as well :cry:

radioIzzy 2009-03-08 02:15

That would be great :)
It's great for people that'd seen Key's other works yet cannot play the game because of the language barrier.
Great if it's true and I trust it will be well done as with most of Key works.

Vegard Aune 2009-03-08 04:22

...Planetarian movie? Part of me hopes it's true, the other part of me is afraid to watch it. 30 minutes is not enough, though. One hour would be the absolute minimum if they want to tell the story properly.

Dansen 2009-03-08 04:40

This is great news, and I guess this is as good a time as any for me to go play the game :)

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