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monir 2009-03-03 17:59

Sora Kake - Merchandise (Figurines, Artbooks, DVDs, etc.)
Thread dedicated to Sora Kake related merchandise - including... art books, figurines, games, manga, CDs, OSTs, DVDs, brain-colonies etc., or if you know where you can find such items, then please post here.

For music related items, please check the following sites:
If you can read Japanese, then you can also try:

Please Note: This thread is for official merchandise only, no bootlegs or cheap illegal imitations!

Midonin 2009-03-10 16:58

This looks like the right place. (Also, it's tough to find good deals on Brain Colonies lately. Those things cost a fortune).

A recent update on the show's official website revealed two very tasty things related to the series.

Pizza Hut, sponsor of many, has a campaign going on for the series.

The second is that it looks like in Japan, for one month, special Sora Kake food items are being made available at the Pasela restaurant.

Leopard, now available in cake form!

Fishfood1 2009-03-10 17:09

yes! pizza hut supports the rebellion... i mean... the anti-nervalist! :D

how much does those food cost anyways?

Kaioshin Sama 2009-04-20 21:36

This figure seriously rocks something fierce.

C.A. 2009-04-21 05:48

You should get one as well lol, its one of the most interesting Nendoroids out there.

The Maidoroids are completely designed for Nendoroid release, the head splitting was originally for you to interchange Nendoroid faces.

Mushi 2009-05-25 02:11

I'm surprised no one has posted this:


More pictures here.

I just preordered mine from Kid Nemo.

ringoiero360 2009-06-30 10:37

There'll be new figures of Akiha and Itsuki by Wave coming out in late November (just in time for my birthday♥♥~).
Both figures have two versions:
Akiha-Normal ver.
Happening ver.
Itsuki-Normal ver. (which I want like crazy)
Shimoyama Mutsumi Miyazawa ver.

.....Still no Honoka figure? D:

darkchibi07 2009-07-15 16:48

Out of curiosity, did this series do well in DVD sales so far?

4Tran 2009-07-15 21:30

It doesn't look like it. I haven't heard any news about Sora Kake Girl's sales figures, and that's usually a bad sign when it hasn't shown up in any of the top lists. The only decent sales figures I've heard of for the show was that the Ali Project OP CD single did okay.

Miles Teg 2009-07-17 14:15


Originally Posted by darkchibi07 (Post 2517191)
Out of curiosity, did this series do well in DVD sales so far?

Coming from the Animation (Anime) DVD Sales in Japan Thread :


Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo *1,966 (3+) (Sunrise)
2009/04/24 *2,064 Vol. 1 (Two episodes)
2009/05/26 *2,081 Vol. 2 (Three episodes up to current volume)
2009/06/26 *1,754 Vol. 3
The figures are not that good for a Sunrise show :heh:. For comparison purpose My-HiME or My-Otome were selling 4 or 5 times much. But we don't have the figures for the Blu-Ray that could put the series at a "better" level.

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