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Kawaii_Sennin 2003-11-12 05:50

Ewww... Read on and be shocked.
Go here

This article was shocking and made me want to cry. I'm glad they banned those vending machines that sold them.

uglypigs 2003-11-12 06:10

dammit they stopped it?!?

Wandering_Youth 2003-11-12 06:12

Wow so it is true. I saw it in a dating sim once thinking it was a joke or something. Just shows you how peverted the people in Japan are. :heh:

Asura 2003-11-12 06:14


Originally Posted by uglypigs
dammit they stopped it?!?

I'm sure they still got a giant pile somewhere underground..

uglypigs 2003-11-12 06:15

i wonder at the logiveity of this thread.

Kawaii_Sennin 2003-11-12 06:16

Are you all guys by any chance?

uglypigs 2003-11-12 06:17

um, yeah. i should keep my mouth shut.

Asura 2003-11-12 06:18

*wonder how much mine will fetch.....* :lol:

NoSanninWa 2003-11-12 06:21

I'm closing this thread because, well... just because.. because "ick."

We can live without this discussion. It's quite enough to know that this was actually done.

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