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xris 2009-03-22 04:28

Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OVA, Expectations and Speculation
This thread is to discuss your expectations on the new Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Journey to the Magic World~ OVA due for release over the Summer of 2009 and to speculate as to what story elements will be used.

Discussion threads (with poll) will be created when the OVAs have been released (at this time AnimeSuki will consider them as unlicensed) so please use this thread to discuss your expectations of the announced OVAs.

From the Wiki entry, Negima!: Magister Negi Magi

Magic World OVAs
A fourth set of OVAs was announced in the Mahō Sensei Negima: Ala Alba event held on February 11, 2009. This OVAs series, covering the Journey to Magic World arc, will be bundle with the manga starting with volume 27 in Summer. Unlike preceding anime adaptions, this OVAs will be produced in high definition but will be release in DVD format. Theatrical film adaptation is planned to be made if the sales are good

Originally Posted by Sian (Post 2276515)
(thieved from Astronerdboy's Blog)

Sian 2009-03-22 05:18

I personally think that it'll pick up from where Shiroki Tsubasa left us where they was pending for a landing in Hearthrow, starting out with them exploring Britain a bit (London and Wales) beofre getting into the gateport where they're attacked, with the first OAD ending just after they're shattered

typhonsentra 2009-03-22 15:25

Here's hoping it performs well. God I'd love it if they could adapt this series with a proper budget, a movie could be awesome.

Guardian Enzo 2009-03-29 00:24

I'd settle for V3 of Ala Alba being subbed, but this looks good.

Pachael 2009-04-20 08:38


Originally Posted by typhonsentra (Post 2290569)
Here's hoping it performs well. God I'd love it if they could adapt this series with a proper budget, a movie could be awesome.

With 240,000 OADs sold, (80,000 per OAD), a movie wouldn't be out of reach.
September 2009 should be when the first episode is out.

typhonsentra 2009-04-20 08:44

Oops. sorry about the last post. I'm not familiar with the names of the various OVA/OADs. I'm looking forward to these but I'm not expecting too much from the first disc. The first portion of the Magical World series was recently released in the US and I picked it up, it reminded me that this is probably one of my least favorite sections of the series (Up until we get to Rakan).

DamionX 2009-05-22 02:18

Well from the looks of it, it seems it will continue where from al alba left off. I am real glad that they are doing some kind of adaptation of the manga; sadly as much as I would like to see the series based off the manga I fear that we won't see one done in the next 2 years or so because of the current ova's we have. Besides that I think the best part of the ova's currently is the animation and the way how they recite the spells (the echo we hear as they say the spell) and hopefully they continue with that style with the upcoming ova.

Kyral 2009-06-03 16:06

I read somewhere that Akira Ishida will return as Fate Averruncus, I so hope this is true.

Fandal 2009-06-07 03:41

Are they really planning to fit that much material in 30mins episodes?

Sian 2009-06-07 10:57

not at all sure they're planing to fit whole MW act into the 4 OVA's (which i seem to remember being the number of OVA's this time around) ... the first one is proberly used to set up the scene with running around in Britain and getting scattered ...

i'd problery put my money on this run ending when the majority of persons having gathered in Ostia (when they start using Paru's whale as home base)

setting up for another slew of OVA's covering the MW festival

Vexx 2009-06-13 03:08

So far I've enjoyed all the OVAs even allowing for the fact they are short hand edits of various manga events. At least they *are* depictions of manga events and not some derail "!" "!?" "????". Here's to more OVAs hopefully.

chaosprophet 2009-06-13 07:15

I liked the OVAs a lot... the only problem IMO is that they are too slow to be released (around 3 to do a volume and that takes around 9 monthd to be released...). There is the rumor of they animating the whole magic arc in the 4 OVAs plus a movie but that would require that many scenes would be skipped...

Guardian Enzo 2009-06-13 16:50

Why not just do a 13-episode series covering the Magical World arc? Sigh...

chaosprophet 2009-06-15 21:14

Well Ken doesn't have the monie to do full fledged TV series... he needs a sponsor... let's hope that the OVAs sells well enough for it.

GuidoHunter_Toki 2009-06-15 23:23

Well the OVAs have not dissapointed me. It's good to see some "true" and well done (albeit a little rushed) adaptions of the manga.

skate500 2009-06-18 17:33

is this after negi teaches at the school

Vexx 2009-06-19 14:24


Originally Posted by skate500 (Post 2459855)
is this after negi teaches at the school

I don't understand what you mean by "after negi teaches at the school".

It looks like they intend to cover the vacation period when Negi decides to go to Wales and use the portal there to go to the parallel magical world. The girls tag along, of course, and mayhem ensues.

BlueDo 2009-06-30 13:44

PV up at official site. Mostly old stuff.

- Vanilla Cake - 2009-07-01 11:55

And itīs seems itīs true about Kugimiya Rie being the new VA for Tsukuyomi, itīs um...interesting, i really canīt imagine Kugimiya voicing Tsukuyomi, knowing that sheīs pretty much crazy wanting to rape Setsuna and going all yandere like that :heh:...


Originally Posted by BlueDo (Post 2482437)
PV up at official site. Mostly old stuff.

Thanks for the PV, i could see some new animation too, the battle in the gates is going to be awesome <3

BlueDo 2009-07-09 13:45

Hmm, no one mentioned this, but
Rie Kugimiya is voicing Tsukuyomi

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