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Irenicus 2009-03-26 19:21

Genkaku Picasso
Harry Potter draws!

...okay, not really, but the main character sure does bear a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite four-eyed teenage wizard. That's beside the point, however, because this manga is cool.



Originally Posted by Mangaupdates Summary
After miraculously surviving a freak helicopter accident, Hikari "Picasso" Haruma finds that he somehow has the power to help people through his art. He is helped by his friend, Chiaki Yamamoto, who was killed in the helicopter accident, but came back as an angel. According to Chiaki, when the accident happened, both she and Picasso died, but she begged God to save him because of his wonderful talent. As a result, Picasso survived the accident on condition that he saves other people.


Supposed Genres (Caveat: what the hell is a genre in the first place?): Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Shounen.

I don't expect much response for these kinds of manga in here (this ain't no Sekirei) but at least want to put it out there in case someone would notice. So, why should you read this manga?

1) It's by the author of the much-acclaimed Music of Marie, an incredibly imaginative fantasy epic. I didn't know this when I started reading though.

2) The main kid looks like Harry Potter! And he's just about weird enough to be one.

3) It's good to hallucinate once in a while, especially if it means you see your cute girl-friend (note the dash, girl and friend) comes back to life as a little angel to save your butt.

4) The art is cool, very unique. This kind of touch earns a manga a unique footprint, critical acclaim, my respect, and low ratings by the idiots who rate manga in online manga sites. What the fuck do you mean Osamu Tezuka gets a three-star while Shitty Smutty Rape-Is-Love gets a four-point-seven, you plebeian scums?

Admittedly, after a while it gets more into his own style than Picassoesque especially the important paintings the kid draws.

5) It's a pretty imaginative approach to the save-a-person-a-day theme. I wonder if it would break its episodic mould into something else, though, given that both the "targets" of chapters one and two seem to have become side characters already.

Falkor 2009-03-26 20:35

sounds interesting... Thanks for creating the thread! :)

Fevvers 2009-03-28 03:23

Where was I and why did I have no idea about this? Coming from Furuya Usamaru, this is a must read for me, although I would have prefered a faster scanlation for Music of Marie.

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