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Tyrone Biggums 2009-03-27 19:18

Zero: The Beginning
Was wondering why there wasn't a topic for's pretty amazing. Here's a short summary for people who don't know about it...

"Having been born in a secret government laboratory that cultivated esper (telepathic) powers within humans, Shuuichi and two sisters, Sumire and Katsumi, are forced to endure a difficult life as test subjects until their escape. Years later, these siblings are still being sought after by unknown organizations that are after Shuuichi powers as he is what they refer to as the "Zero-sample" with the ability to cause "Zero-shock"

Just read the RAW for the last Volume and since I don't speak Korean was wondering if anyone else read it and could explain what the hell happend there!?!?

Sinta 2009-03-27 23:13

I have liked the series. I have been following it for a while. they don't really explain much of what is happening. They just kind of throw terms at you and you are expected to follow. But the main character is a badass so its pretty cool.

Wargumm1i 2009-03-28 01:21

Are there any romances in this manga? Im waiting for it too be fully scanned before reading it. But I would like some deeper details since the plot doesnt really give of much of a picture.

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