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Yu Ominae 2009-03-31 01:15

Lost Soldiers, a Code Geass fanfic
Hey guys,

Been busting my ass to do a Code Geass fanfic called Lost Soldiers.

What I did mostly is to combine some of the storylines from the Lelouch of the Rebellion storyline (Season 1) and Nightmare of Nunnally with some characters of Suzaku of the Counterattack and knightmares from the Code Geass DS game and NoN.

The plan for this story is not to go to R2, I want to try and give an ending where Lelouch lives and for Suzaku in the long run. I have some plans on how to end it.

The story link is here

There are crossover for the story as I have melded some concept from the Metal Gear series and from a manga called Spriggan.

To those who would like to review the story, the story is hosted in However, feel free to throw out questions and maybe ideas on how the story can progress.

I will post a separate thread on my fanfiction writings later on later.

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