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TGBatman 2009-04-06 23:29

Ordered Chapters and Overlay Mixer

I'm having a weird problem, but I don't know really how to describe it... Here I go:

I made a matroska with ordered chapters, containing opening, episode, ending, and preview.

The Episode and the preview are "together", so the ending plays "in between" the episode+preview file, so it goes Opening->Episode->Preview->Ending.

The problem is as follows, and happens only with Overlay Mixer as renderer (regardless of player, happens in ZoomPlayer too):

Every time the Ending is loaded, it plays VERY choppily, as if playing at 15 fps out of 24. First I tought it was because of libavcodec, as the problem came with it playing the file. But no, today I did another episode, and the ending is playing with choppynes, even with CoreAVC, and this time WORSE.

With libavcodec it's solved by pausing and playing again, but that's not really comfy. With CoreAVC I have to pause, go to another "window" (any other program opened atm), and replay.

I already tested uninstalling and reinstalling codecs. Happens regardless of installing every splitter and decoder separately or CCCP.

I already tested installing CCCP in my "codecless" Vista partition, the same issue.

Weirdest thing is, it happens with some files, but doesn't happen with others...

It only happens with Overlay Mixer, if I select Haali's or Old Renderer or any other renderer, it doesn't happens. Is there a way to avoid this happening?

Also, I doubt is my PC:

e8400 @ 3.6 ghz (stable)
2 gb DDR2 800
ATI HD4870

That should be more than enough to play this, it's SD :p.

Excuse my english.

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