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Tri-ring 2009-04-07 08:04

JIN ~ Benevolent surgeon lost in time~

Here is a hidden gem by Murakami Motoka author of series like "Ron" and "Musashi no Ken".

= Synopsis =
A promising brain surgeon of the 21st century is suddenly hurtled back in time to Japan just years before Meji Restoration.
His god like knowledge in human anatomy, pharmacology, and surgical instrument/skills can save millions but he is caught in an inner dilemma that if he uses his knowledge and skills he may change the out come of history as he know it with his sworn Hippocratic oath.

This on going manga with 14 volume already published gives you in depth knowledge of every day Japan in those days as it heads into modernization, weaving in various historical Japanese figure and how present day medical knowledge eclipses medical knowledge of the past.

This manga will be turned into a live action TV drama later this year.

Tri-ring 2009-04-09 07:18

The most interesting part of this manga is how modernday knowledge is introduced at time when they do not even have basic concept concerning human anatomy, microbiology and/or cause of infection.

Utilizing his knowlege with limited instruments made by craftmen of those age he challenges his own limit to save live.

His fight is not only against disease but also ignorance at time before the acceptance of germ theory and Immunology, he treats measles and cholera epidemic which killed thousands each year.
He introduces concept of ER, executing laparotomy on liver injury and applys CPR to revive patient on the operating table.
He also develops Penicillin utilizng tools and technology of those days.

His determination to save lives without creed nor discrimination will stir emotion to all.

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