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einhorn303 2009-04-07 15:25

Company to officially release doujin games in US

"Rockin’ Android is a recently formed company who are apparently planning to sell Japanese indie games to a US market. Currently only four titles are confirmed for the coming months, which include Suguri in June and Gundemonium in August but so far these appear to be pretty fantastic deals. The ‘Gundemonium’ release will feature ‘Gundemonium Recollection’, ‘GundeadliGne’ and ‘Hitogata Hapa’ for $19.99 as either a digital download or DVD (No annoucements on shipping costs or international shipping yet though).

The ‘Suguri’ collection however will feature ‘SUGURI’ and ‘The acceleration of SUGURI’ partnered with its expansion pack, which may seem like less value at $19.99 but to sweeten the deal Rockin’ Android will be putting both OST’s in as part of the deal. There’s even some hosted on their site to sample ahead of release, though it’s clearly not up to ‘Touhou’ standards. Sadly this one looks to be DVD only as a counter-balance."

Awesome...I can't wait to pick up a copy of Suguri myself, that's an insanely complete and cheap release.

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