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Pellissier 2009-04-10 14:39

K-On! - Character Discussion - Yui
The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss all things Yui related.
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serenade_beta 2009-04-10 18:06

Her stupidity worries me at times... But the anime version seems to exaggerate her idiocy... Poor girl. I need to keep that in mind though. Well, 2nd favorite, I guess? Though K-ON's characters aren't that great in the first place, so doesn't mean much, maybe... Probably the main one that feels like the "moe" element is too forced.

DJ_RockmanX 2009-04-10 18:08

ADD girl is...

...nice doggie...

Tyabann 2009-04-10 18:09

I agree with the people who have described her as a small, furry animal.

Chipmunks act like they have ADD, don't they...

vandakiara 2009-04-10 18:12

I found Yui really really annoying at the begining but I grew fond of her on the 2nd episode because she behaved more mature than I expected when
Spoiler for episode 2:

that made me like her much more <3 and she is like a furry animal - she's the club pet after all x)

Fishfood1 2009-04-10 18:12


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2333154)
Her stupidity worries me at times...

that is actually a reason i actually likes her :heh:

as long as she doesn't get mentally ret**ded

Littm 2009-04-10 18:16

She is rather cute and reminds sometimes Fuuko. Her personality is rather interesting. I think that we will see more interesting details and progression soon in her personality. Second episode was rather interesting in this plan.

KholdStare 2009-04-10 18:18

Yui is absolutely adorable and she is my favorite character so far. I used to be indifferent towards the four but her voice in the OP convinced me to put her above others.

OceanBlue 2009-04-10 19:22

Yui reminds me of a combination of Nagisa and Fuuko. She isn't annoying like Fuuko, but isn't as plain as Nagisa. She's really cute [Well, they all are, but...].

aldw 2009-04-10 20:06

Yui always gave me Tsukasa vibes, not that that's a bad thing of course...:heh:

animeffs13240 2009-04-10 20:14


Originally Posted by Fishfood1 (Post 2333169)
that is actually a reason i actually likes her :heh:

as long as she doesn't get mentally ret**ded

i agree i like girls like that but it does get annoying at times, but seeing how much she loved the guitar made it worth it

Fandal 2009-04-10 20:28

The thing I like about Yui in the Manga

Friday 2009-04-10 20:52

at this stage I cannot rate her.....
my impression she is a Dreamer a bit timate but looks like she will grow strong as the series continue

Sai Feng 2009-04-10 23:12

Ah Yui, such an odd little creature

*rubs Yui's head*

therationalpi 2009-04-11 03:15

Yui is probably the character that interests me the most, at this point. She seems like a dimwit, but at the same time I think she's going to be more than that. My guess is that she'll turn out to be really smart, just scatter-brained. To put it in D&D terms, she has a high Intelligence but an abysmal Wisdom score.

Also, adorable. That's high charisma, right?

Asakami 2009-04-11 04:17


Originally Posted by aldw (Post 2333404)
Yui always gave me Tsukasa vibes, not that that's a bad thing of course...:heh:

Agreed. If Yui dyes her hair into Tsukasa's color, put on that yellow hairband, and does the "BOON" gesture Tsukasa does in the Lucky Star OP, she is... well, Tsukasa in general :heh:

Deathscyther 2009-04-11 04:52

Yui = Tsukasa+Fuko

Anyways, I love her. She's my second favorite.:)

Avira 2009-04-11 05:44

She is just too cute^^
I don't think she's stupid, she just walks around with her head up in the clouds. But she'll come down sometime in the anime, I guess. Yui's might actually be very smart.

My favorite character so far^^

Grif 2009-04-11 07:08

Also my favourite ^^.

I actually think her absent mindedness and just plain stupidity works in her favour, she is just really likeable ^^.

Starlight 2009-04-11 16:43

Well she has been bumming around all her life...but what else can you do in kindergarden :heh:

She's so adorable though<3

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