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babbsagg 2009-04-14 02:45

Font problem with ordered chapters
I made a playlist for an anime, using the odered chapters feature to cut out all OPs, EDs, PVs and play it as one single ~5h long video.

Episode 1-22 worked fine but when it starts playing 23 or 24 the sub looses its font(jancient) and gets displayed as arial.

So I thought that maybe those 2 files were encoded differently but the only difference I found was that 1-22 sometimes had a few more fonts attached to them.

However 23 and 24 played for themselfs work perfectly fine so i guess it's not really caused by the lack of a font. I tried muxing some of the fonts from 1-22 into 23 but no change at all. Linking only 23 and 24 together also gets the sub displayed correctly.

I ran mkvinfo on 22 and 23, maybe i overlooked some other differences.

22: 23:

martino 2009-04-14 05:45

Did you put the styles from 23 and 24 into the mkv where you have the ordered chapters (if they are any different from the ones in the previous episodes)?

babbsagg 2009-04-15 06:15

Well the file i muxed the chapters to is only 1 frame long and it wouldn't let me add an attachment. I also tried to mux the chapters to a copy of episode 23 but no change at all :(

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