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Fandal 2009-04-19 01:25

Japanese Commercials
So, I'm not really sure what to say. If you ever get a chance to watch something with the commercials in between, watch! There actually really entertaining. I'm still trying to figure out why every third commercial or so is about wedding chapels.

vedicardi 2009-04-19 01:31

Not even going to bother posting some examples huh? XD

Here is one that I was roaring at (with laughter?)

Amiarrogance 2009-04-19 23:45

I Think Some would enjoy this >.<

Vexx 2009-04-19 23:54


Originally Posted by Amiarrogance (Post 2351363)

Fanta makes some of the most absurd commercials in the universe....not just in Japan.

vedicardi 2009-04-20 00:45


Originally Posted by Amiarrogance (Post 2351363)

My eyes were almost tearing that was so funny

BOFH_of_OZ 2009-04-20 08:43

The little Red Riddling Hood keeps giving me fits of mad laughter...

Vexx 2009-04-20 10:53


Originally Posted by BOFH_of_OZ (Post 2351933)
The little Red Riddling Hood keeps giving me fits of mad laughter...

Heh, that's an old classic - for cosmetic surgery breast enhancement. The tanuki simply thought of an enhancement that tanuki love dearly :) Like she says... "wow".

BOFH_of_OZ 2009-04-20 11:25

AFAIK, Anabuki Construction Inc. ( is a construction company. ^_-

...the keyword is "growing", I guess...

Vexx 2009-04-20 12:08

Errrrrrrrr, you're right. I never paid close attention. The guy who showed it to me in 1999? thought it was a cosmetic surgery appliance company --- we were working on a web portal for cosmetic surgeon back-office business at the time.

Okay, now its totally "japanese absurdist" --- as in "wtf were they thinking?"

edit: even worse, I had this same revelation a couple of years ago and forgot. Stupid brain.... need more fish oil (

Mystique 2009-04-20 18:11


Originally Posted by Amiarrogance (Post 2351363)

This could almost be a second 'laugh a day' thread, no doubt people are gonna toss in the most absurd of links here xD

I've got tooo many to show, so for now I'll toss two and dip in here now and then.

One of my all time fav ads are from Glico's Pocky series. To be honest over the last 5 years, they (imo) make some of the most fun and sometimes some bizarre adverts, but I love the majority. :D
The latest campaign (well for winter 08) was this advert:

I'll toss some over pocky campaigns over the years later on. ^^

And this cause I think this guy is one of the slickest, smoothest dancers i've seen in an ad for a long time *swoons*

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