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LoweGear 2009-04-20 06:39

1st chapter got scanlated, so just wanted to let people know of this one. Certainly not bad for a start, and the beginning is kind of unique for a harem story... which is what this manga's direction seems to be taking. Can't wait for the next chapter :nod:

And more Chihaya FTW :love:

technomo12 2009-04-20 07:03

hmm i am split thought if im happy or sad about this manga...

well mainly im sad cuz its a harem (A yuri would have been better....)

and happy cuz i can see them

MrTerrorist 2009-04-20 07:09

I'm a fan of the Idolmaster series and glad that one of its manga got scanlated. Hope to see new chapters.

MrTerrorist 2011-01-23 07:38

Finally a chapter 3 of the manga has been scanlated.

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