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rock_rabbit 2009-04-20 22:10

Dizzy's all-in-one thread
Gah~ I'll most likely edit this post later with some info about me,my graphics,some linkage....etc

For now I'll just let you know I rly like drawing & I hope to become an animator or illustrator. Aaaaaand I like teasing Photoshop. My weak points are animated gifs & wallpapers (wallpapers are sooo big & I'm horrible at BG's)

Here are some icons! Some of them are requests from other forums.
Will post more graphics & some art later! ;p
All comments/critiques are welcome! ^^


Honey & Clover

Dengeki Daisy:

Asa Shigure from Shuffle

Toma Rei oneshots
S no Yuiitsu M no Zettai


My lovely cat:

Urei 2009-04-21 06:22

As said, I'm waiting for more ;)

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