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monir 2009-04-21 08:16

Sora Kake - Episode 16 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Sora Kake, Episode 16.

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The-Ghost 2009-04-21 09:13


Fishfood1 2009-04-21 09:40

Spoiler for ep 16:

Sixth 2009-04-21 10:23


Originally Posted by Fishfood1 (Post 2353809)
Spoiler for ep 16:

Spoiler for Episode 16:

slaag 2009-04-21 12:37

Spoiler for Episode 16:

Fishfood1 2009-04-21 13:03

Spoiler for btw:

serenade_beta 2009-04-21 14:05

SoraKake: (;ω;`)
Abyss: (・ω・`) Now you know how I felt...
Sorakake: 。・゜・(つД`)・゜・。

Spoiler for ep16:

Kaioshin Sama 2009-04-21 15:57


Originally Posted by The-Ghost (Post 2353763)


Tom Bombadil 2009-04-21 16:09


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2354222)
I won't say it was a bad episode, but didn't really find the general development of the plot so interesting... Just kind of left me "Umm~~~~..."

I would, this episode is almost completely filler-junk.

Spoiler for rage:

panpo98 2009-04-22 10:07

Do you think the blond man is the creator of Nerval or the person Nerval was based on?
Like Leopald was based on the old man on Earth.

It would explain why they get along so well if there are two of them that is.

Shouldn't he be older as well? The blond looks to young to be 50+ years.
Although the same could be said about Aleida.

C.A. 2009-04-22 10:32

Why do people watch raws when you don't understand the least bit of Japanese, do yourselves a favor and wait for subs. Filler junk, no plot development? When did talking become filler and not contributing to plot? When you don't understand what they're talking about, yes. No wonder you don't find plot.

I know there's no subs and I'm doing summaries because people are impatient and have to watch raws, but complaining about stuff you don't even understand, what?
Spoiler for summary:

Tom Bombadil 2009-04-22 12:14

^I was in a bad mood when I wrote that. No need to take anything tagged "rage" serious. Although that doesn't change my opinion that the episode is bad.

C.A., I do appreciate you effort of writing the summaries and translate info from the official sites. Very good read. However, no English sub is not a problem for me. English is not my first language. There are other fansubs.

I think I was so enthusiastic about this show because it was a great blend of pretty characters, mystery, whackiness, fan-service, etc. Now it just seems to be lacking in thoses aspects. I know the story has moved to a different phase, but it doesn't mean it has to be bland and boring. Ep 9 was a real filler, but at least it was funny.

Spoiler for ep16:

C.A. 2009-04-22 13:29

My mood was just as bad actually lol, I had to retype the summary halfway after accidentally closing the window, so I threw away some sentence structuring and stuff.
Spoiler for various stuff and info:

SaintessHeart 2009-04-22 14:22

Spoiler for spoiler:

Sixth 2009-04-22 19:58

I am surprised that guys is Nerval..

I mean, how he do that? He transform into a human or he just control the human-puppet from far away?

Fishfood1 2009-04-22 20:08

^if so, then i demand leopard get a human body soon, preferably the one back when he was emperor of the earth :heh:

C.A. 2009-04-22 22:31


Originally Posted by noobita (Post 2356661)
I am surprised that guys is Nerval..

I mean, how he do that? He transform into a human or he just control the human-puppet from far away?

Well, Brains are supposed to be giant Navis and have super powerful QT.

I'm not surprised if he can remote control a body similar to a Navi's Droid body.

Or you can think of Veda and Innovades.

Tokkan 2009-04-22 22:41

So Nerval is Ribbons Almark?

C.A. 2009-04-22 22:44

Nerval is a Brain Colony who cares for his residents so much and wants to give them such a wonderful society that he went overboard.

He became Ribbons + NHK + Pasder + Overdevil and maybe some more.

Sixth 2009-04-22 23:22

I have to admit that Nerval's goal was rather surprising...I mean, the 1st impression I got from his first appearance in episode 7 that He just a ruthless power-hunger freak.

The more they shown Nerval side, the more impression I got that Shishidoh is the one who twisted the story and a potential final villain :heh:

It would be a twist that Leopard is the final villain and his follower will known as Leopardist.

so what do your thought about Nerval-Human? Is it a remote puppet or he just transformed into a human form?

and for other Nervalist, they sure look sane to me....I always thought that they are emotionless puppet...perhaps, some of the human actually join Nerval own their own will, for the greater peace?

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