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Klashikari 2009-04-21 10:31

KEY 10th anniversary: Memorial Box
As promised last year, Key announced 2 surprises regarding their 10th anniversary. First, it was Rewrite that has been announced last yearn on april 1st. As for the actual celebrating year, it seems they really went overboard with MEMORIAL BOX.

For their 10th anniversary, Key prepared something quite big: A box with basically all their releases so far, which are:

-Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~
-Tomoyo After -It's a Wonderful Life-
-Little Busters! Ecstasy

Please also note that all games are in their ALL ages version. Yes, even TA and LB!EX which their PC editions were only +18 to begin with (no ported PS2 version to PC so far, unlike Kanon, etc). Which means that both these versions will have the PS2 extra content.

Not only that, but they are also included in there some goods as well:
-Stick Poster Set
-Mug Cup
-Jacket Collection

At the bargain price of 14800 (which is roughly $150 / 115€).
Pre-orders already started. They are closed on the 12th may. The actual release date will be on July.
Official site:
Order section:

More information with Valdra-chan's post below!

My opinion? A brilliant marketing ploy, and surprisingly a complete steal: barely the cost of 1 and half of a usual VN for this whole box. I don't think I will miss this opportunity :heh:

Varion 2009-04-21 10:47

I told you most of the info already, though :heh:

Anyway, all the games will have Vista support (if any of them didn't have it originally) Kanon and Air will the same as their standard edition versions otherwise. It doesn't actually mention what version of Clannad it will be, though at this point I'd really expect it to be full voice. Planetarian will be the same as the PS2 version, with the proagonist voiced (by Daisuke Ono, aka Yukito), and Tomoyo After will be the same as the console version with its additional content added and Tomoya voiced by his anime VA. Exstasy will be an all age version.

The Tshirt's going to be use the image from the memorial event, though they suggest you don't wear it around town (eheh). The stick poster set will have 25 different posters. The 'Jacket collection' is a bunch of switchable game covers (it'll include 'every version they've had' that you can use on the games in the set.

As for sales, it's available through them if you want to use a deputy service, or you can go through Himeya, which is doing some obscene markup but I'm not sure a deputy with their fees would be any better. They'll make as many copies as are ordered by Midday on the 13th May - if you're in Japan or ordering via deputy then you're limited to 5 sets per person. Also, the release date hasn't been officially set (Himeya made that 31st July up), though it'll be around (most likely in) July.

Oh, and that price is the actual item one. In practice it'll be more because of postage costs - paying via postal transfer is 15,600 yen, via cash on delivery is 15,970 yen. Himeya's price is uuuuh... $208.

Klashikari 2009-04-21 10:50

Obscene would be a understatement :heh:

Seriously, a net +$58 in the face is arguably a rip off. And that is obviously not including the shipping fee (provided the box itself is heavy or not, I don't think it will really be the "usual" $19 -___-)

theacefrehley 2009-04-21 11:14

I didn't even know there was a PS2 version of LB...

I was interested in Tomoyo After because of the PS2 extra content...
Will they sell it alone later or only included in the BOX?

Klashikari 2009-04-21 11:18


Originally Posted by theacefrehley (Post 2353971)
I didn't even know there was a PS2 version of LB...

I was interested in Tomoyo After because of the PS2 extra content...
Will they sell it alone later or only included in the BOX?

There is no LB!EX PS2 version to date, it is actually a future port that makes a very surprising port for PC.

The catch here is, I think, the point of being exclusive PC port is the main selling factor (along with an easy way to get all 6 games in a go).
For obvious reasons, most keyfans probably own already some of the games, so adding an exclusive and limited PC port of both "yet to be released" PS2 version of LB!EX and "inexistant" PC all ages TA will most likely be a good selling argument.

Considering how all ages versions are made most of the time, I really doubt they will release an actual retail PC version of all ages LB!EX and TA.
Since the Memorial Box isn't even planned to be sold in shops, it will be a rare item and combined with the exclusive port, you get the idea behind that.

Zenemis 2009-04-21 11:22

*Looks at KEY Memorial Box.*
*Looks at Core2 Q9550.*
*Looks back and forth frantically.*
*Hangs head in shame.*

Maybe next time :|

Tyabann 2009-04-21 16:30

Holy... somehow, I must get ahold of this.

Sute443 2009-04-22 01:50

After trying to read some of the kanji on that site, it looks like neither Kanon nor Air will have voice acting. WTF. Both of them have had versions with voice acting released. Why would they not include voice acting now? I am not amused, KEY.

Someone, please double-check for me. There were a few kanji in there I couldn't understand, so hopefully I just managed to somehow misread it.

Proto 2009-04-22 07:02

No, it is as you say. Kanon and AIR will use the non voiced version.

Proto 2009-04-25 22:17

BTW, I'm buying this through a proxy service (Japan auction agency in my case) which will amount to 18,376 yens + 1500 yens shipping, which is not that bad of a price if you ask me.

Varion 2009-04-25 23:24

Nah, it's not that bad if you consider how much the games sell for individually. It's also still cheaper than Himeya >_>

Tyabann 2009-04-26 01:59


Originally Posted by Proto (Post 2355427)
No, it is as you say. Kanon and AIR will use the non voiced version.

That's... really dumb.

...Then again, there are probably voice patches around...

SaintessHeart 2009-04-26 04:49

Since I just got promoted, this HAS got to be the first thing I should get xDDD.

@ Proto - Which auction service did you use?

boggart 2009-04-26 07:52

I would get this... but I think I'll just stick to spending less and buying the Itaru Hinoue ~White Clover~ compilation instead. General sales for that are now open with the public release due on the 26th of June.

Proto 2009-04-26 10:19


@ Proto - Which auction service did you use?
Japan Auction Agency :D I bought the Lucky Star calendar through them back in 2007 with no problems.

Sterling01 2009-04-26 16:55

I don't see the point in buying this...

Proto 2009-04-26 16:58

If you don't have any or only one heck even if you have two of the games it becomes a great wallet saver if you were planning on getting them. That and all the extra's and exclusive content.

Sterling01 2009-04-26 17:01


Originally Posted by Proto (Post 2363993)
That and all the extra's and exclusive content.

There really isn't anything "exclusive" to the box

Proto 2009-04-26 18:27


By that I meant the LB ectasy non ero release, and the extended Tomoyo After for PC. (not to mention a hard copy of planetarian for PC, which by now is kinda hard to get by). OK, not exacty exclusive, but it works as such (specially the ectasy non ero release, I had been waiting for something like this to get out to get LB's :p). And there are the other points I mentioned.

SaintessHeart 2009-04-26 18:35


Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon (Post 2364104)
Wasn't there this old joke about the entire staff of Key having a fetish for flat chests?

Would explain Loli Busters...

Then why would the Fuji twins, Tomoyo and Kotomi have nice boobies despite their age as young adults?

Maybe Loli Busters is just an exception.

Anyway, what kind of extra content would the box include?

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