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Klashikari 2009-04-23 13:41

Valkyria Chronicles Music Videos
This thread is for discussion of Anime Music Videos or MADs involving clips or characters from the anime series Valkyria Chronicles (this includes parodies as well). If you have any links to or comments about such AMVs, please feel free to post them here!

If it helps, you can use the YouTube bbcode.
[youtube]value[/youtube] (the "value" is taken from the "v=" bit of YouTube URLs)
In addition, if you are going to post a video that contains spoilerish parts, then please use properly marked spoiler tags. To add them: highlight your spoiler and click the button found
on the "Quick Reply" and "Reply to Thread" forms.
Make sure that you include a title for the spoiler!

Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers.

GuidoHunter_Toki 2009-04-23 20:01

Here is a pretty darn good one. The music is epic.:cool:

Spoiler for video contains a few spoilers:

JagdPanther 2009-04-23 20:39

The music was "meh," but actual video was absolutely awesome. Great collection and editing. Man do I want to go home and play some VC now.

Since it's about the game I think it could be classified as a spoiler. I mean, without context I don't think it should make a difference but I understand the need for the staff to be strict about it... for other people. I'm one of those who honestly couldn't care less about having things spoiled. In this case I played the game so I've seen this all before but had I not I probably wouldn't care if I gleaned major plot items out of that video. Others might, though.

GuidoHunter_Toki 2009-04-23 22:08

I see what you mean, so I went and added a spoiler tag.

cloner4000 2009-05-26 15:49

I agree the footage is really well done regarding the music tempo..the song itself is a bit ifft..but I do laugh at the WWII reference first I thought I was just imagine it

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