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Yu Ominae 2009-04-30 05:13

Drifters by Kohta Hirano
So damn awesome! Read the first chapter and it totally kicks butt...

Especially with samurais vs. musketmen! So cool! :D

Who 2009-04-30 07:36

Seems interesting. Still, reserving my judgment on it until the second or third chapter.

spaz 2009-05-04 17:04

Looks to be very promising. And they sure used timetravel in a unique way for this manga.

Yu Ominae 2009-05-29 18:49

Chapter 2 is out....

Spoiler for Characters:

aohige 2009-05-30 07:12


Originally Posted by Yu Ominae (Post 2424793)
Chapter 2 is out....

Spoiler for Characters:

Why not mention the two more important characters at the end? :heh:

Yu Ominae 2009-05-30 20:05

Wasn't sure who they were due to the character design... :D

Wargumm1i 2009-05-30 23:27

Still I cant feel anyting after just those 2 chapters... I mean sure the first chapter seemed like it was building up too something, but then WTF happent in chapter 2? I mean this manga series has alot of explaining too do.

yezhanquan 2009-05-30 23:31

Hirano-sensei is in the habit of putting out short chapters. He needs time to get into the mojo.

Catnipcat 2009-06-14 18:13

Am I the only one who has a lurking suspicion that something beautiful is being born right before our eyes?

Used Can 2009-06-14 18:30

^Maybe, I think this story has potential. If the story involves the main characters going through different dimensions, meeting other warriors, and fighting endless battle, I think it'll be an interesting read all the way through.

Avisch 2009-06-14 21:40

I was bit hesitant, I do like Hellsing (need to finish it actually). But after reading the first 2 chapters I want more.

Spoiler for what i like about it:


Originally Posted by aohige (Post 2425666)
Why not mention the two more important characters at the end? :heh:

Tyrone Biggums 2009-06-15 07:42

This is a monthly release right?

Catnipcat 2009-06-15 11:03

^ From what I gather from the release dates - yup. We should get the 3rd chapter by the end of the month.

Yu Ominae 2009-06-28 20:54

I wanted to LOL at the 3rd chapter.... :D

Tyrone Biggums 2009-06-29 09:44

Haha 3rd chapter was pretty jokes...for the 10 pages it lasted.

But I can see this manga going places. Good concept.

Avisch 2009-08-01 10:16

Chapter 4 sheds some more light on the world. Nobunaga has aged only 6 months (when he should have aged 20).
For some reason I found it amusing that "Elf" is written in hiragana as opposed to katakana.

Also, Yoichi's a trap.

Also, for randominess's sake I've been adding to the wiki article.

Used Can 2009-08-01 12:24

Famous generals being gathered all around for an unknown purpose? I'm smelling something interesting.


Originally Posted by Avisch (Post 2552196)
Also, Yoichi's a trap.

Shit! I forgot for a second this was Hirano's work. Hell!
I fell hard.

Vampire 2009-08-01 12:26

Coincidentally, the Battle of Sekigahara is also known as Realm Divide and our not-so-pleased protagonist is in a new dimension with others.
I'm hoping this series is going to be decent and long. Although Hirano sensei is a lazy guy.

Vicious_KwEeN 2009-08-19 15:01

Finally finished reading all the chapters that are out. It's pretty good so far. It's definitely not better than Hellsing. Doesn't come close. But it's an interesting read with neat characters. I really like Yoichi :3

Avisch 2009-08-21 20:21

Speaking of Yoichi. Historically he died in 1232 and was 63 years old, MYSTERY?!? HOW IS HE YOUNGER.

Probably will be explained in due time.

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