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monir 2009-05-02 23:37

Sora Kake - Episode 18 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Sora Kake, Episode 18.

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Miles Teg 2009-05-03 13:16

Spoiler for Preview for episode 19:

Episode 18 has aired 5 or 6 hours ago (22:30 Japan time) instead of tomorrow :heh:

panpo98 2009-05-03 15:21

Aghh. I don't know if I should be happy it aired earlier or angry I missed it. So this was why this tread was posted 1 hole day earlier then normal.

Kaioshin Sama 2009-05-03 15:31

I thought it seemed like there were two episodes this week. This show is almost blowing by now.

slaag 2009-05-04 02:40

1 day early huh? Strange, I can't seem to find the thread in 2chan, nor can I find any raws.

Miles Teg 2009-05-04 04:48


Originally Posted by slaag (Post 2377020)
1 day early huh? Strange, I can't seem to find the thread in 2chan, nor can I find any raws.

A new update has put the airing of episode 18 at 05/04 8:09 (JST) so something like 9 hours ago.

panpo98 2009-05-04 11:51

It is airing right now anyway. I almost missed it.
So they aired it twice in two days?

serenade_beta 2009-05-04 15:29

Spoiler for ep18:

panpo98 2009-05-04 16:19

Spoiler for Opinion:

Tom Bombadil 2009-05-04 19:08

Six episodes later, we finally know that Akiha completely forgot about Takane.

Encounters, encounters, encounters,
Somethings happens to Akiha,
Akiha reacts.
Somethings happens again,
Akiha reacts again.
Rinse and repeat.

Sixth 2009-05-04 20:04


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2377779)
Spoiler for ep18:

I guess this is the limit for this show can do....

Spoiler for Episode 18:

panpo98 2009-05-05 07:55


Originally Posted by noobita (Post 2378153)
I guess this is the limit for this show can do....

Spoiler for Episode 18:

Spoiler for HE did what?:

Sixth 2009-05-05 08:39


Originally Posted by panpo98 (Post 2378962)
Spoiler for HE did what?:

Spoiler for Episode 18:

golthin 2009-05-05 10:03

i enjoyed the episode because Leopard laugh is back. What the bad guys did was impressive, they took the girl they actually want, the real "Sora kakeru shoujo" I wonder how will Nami take it to be replaced.

slayer545-sama 2009-05-06 05:40

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Episode 18 RAW Discussion
Just finished watching this episode and BENKEI PISSED ME OFF! I HIT A WALL! Stupid shit a** betrayer! F**** HIM! SHIT A**! I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF! I AM COMING WITH GUNDAM ZERO TO SLICE YOUR SHIT A** SORRY A**! I am also coming for you Nerval and Aleina! Next episode Nami is also has IT COMING! HOW DARE SHE PUT AKIHA OR EVEN TRY to in a box! This episode pissed me off from the lack of anyone doing f*** all! From Kannagi being stupid and useless to Honoka being weak and almost losing consciousness! I was bitching constantly at how NO ONE DID ANYTHING properly. Even Leopardo Soul Shout missed a little Xanthippe! I wanted that s*** bitch to die!
What I liked:


Fucking shit pissed me off! Go screw yourself BENKEI! ASSHOLE! I HATE THIS SHIT! How dare he! Also I want the head of Tsutsuji! SHIT ASS BITCH NEEDS A LESSON! SCUM BETRAYER!

I think next episode I will either bitch about it here or really blast something somewhere. For one we have some tentacle ala ecchi way of Kannagi again. Then again AKIHA GETS TO GO INTO A BOX BY NAMI???????? NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! I WILL MYSELF COME WITH A GUNDAM AND KICK OF THIS SHIT A** MESS INTO A BLACK HOLE KINGDOM COM![

BetoJR 2009-05-06 05:43

Could you curb the swearing, a bit? It's getting kinda old kinda fast.

Sixth 2009-05-06 06:57

I wonder, what is the conversation between Akiha and Leopard would be..that part greatly interested me...for now.

slayer545-sama 2009-05-06 22:37


Originally Posted by BetoJR (Post 2380496)
Could you curb the swearing, a bit? It's getting kinda old kinda fast.

Ok, fine next time I will censor it. I did not think people minded the mutual anger around here. Don't you agree this was frustrating. My point being all these people (Kannagi/Akiha/Honoka) went through so much crap to fight Nerval only to amount to this? Ridiculous I say. :heh:

Sixth 2009-05-08 10:37

Where is all the veteran of this board gone?

*still waiting for full summary*

Duo Maxwell 2009-05-09 12:17

The only one who can give a properly summary is kinda busy right now, I guess. Just be patient. At least right now there is one active subbing group that can work fast.

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