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Onakra 2004-02-25 05:58

New site idea: subscriptions and auto-downloading
First of all I want to apologize if this sounds far fetched, but it's just something I thought of lately that might be feasible and beneficial to Animesuki users.

Currently a user has to go to the site (or use the RSS) to download a new torrent in which he/she is interested. Animesuki has a nice database where most of the new torrents get linked to a specific series and a specific group. Since this database already exists it shouldn't take too much work to make subscriptions possible. With this I mean subscribe to series X from group Y. Then when a new torrent is released for a subscription an e-mail is sent to the subscriber with this torrent attached.

There are also bittorrent clients which can start downloading torrents that are in a specific directory automatically. So the incoming Animesuki e-mails could be filtered to that specific directory and the client would start to download it without any intervention from the user.

Of course everybody would be interested if this could be done for free, but seeing the possible large volumes of e-mails with torrent files to be sent this also could be an extended user service for a small fee. I for one would be interested in this sort of feature. What do you think about this?

JustAnotherFan 2004-02-25 06:08

Well IMHO AnimeSuki basically provides all you need already: the rss/xml pages, which are easy to parse for computer scripts. You just need something to read it, select what you want and download the torrents :)

Did you take a look at the script in this post already?

Onakra 2004-02-25 06:37

Doh, looks like someone had the same idea a while back. Sorry for not using the Search beforehand... The link to the script in the other thread is dead btw.

Even bigger doh; I didn't see there is a XML feed which includes the group, title ID and all the other necessary info. I use the RSS which doesn't have all this info.

So everyone can ignore this. (question to moderators: should I delete it?)
I'll just write something for myself.

NightWish 2004-02-25 06:49

I personally would be against doing anything to the site that means people pay -- other than donations that is. I can't think of a service we could provide that I would be happy to charge for. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this view --

but anyway... we can keep the thread going -- maybe you can post something about whatever solution you come up with? As the script linked on the thread JustAnotherFan listed is missing now maybe you could share whatever you come up with :).

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