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Christen 2009-05-12 03:25


I'm surprised there's no mention at all of this game in the forum (and I'm surprised I just found this out recently)

Ryukishi07 and Peach-Pit will collaborate to create a visual novel for the PSP titled Okamikakushi. From the teaser page:

Is it a god (kami)? Or a wolf (ōkami)?
A secret law in the old part of town brings together dread and mystery.
It is the summer of 1983. 10 stories, intertwined by the idle thoughts of people caught in repeating nightmares what could possibly be the truth therein!?
It's sounds interesting, but since this will be for the PSP, I doubt we'd get an English port of this. Thoughts?

Avisch 2009-05-12 06:19

Thread was already made here.

Yeah ti looks intreresting.

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