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ashuran 2009-05-21 16:56

Problems with high-res MKV files
To put it shortly: all MKV files above 1000xwhatever are unsynced, no matter if I resize the window or whatever. All other MKV files play nicely and without problems. Any suggestions? A bunch of the anime I follow only ever get released in those high-res sizes and I can't go snitch another computer everytime. All computers in the household use the same codec setup and it works fine on the computers with larger monitors.

alamarco 2009-05-21 19:55

What are your computer specifications? We need more information such as the CPU, RAM, GPU, OS, etc.

Also what player are you using?

ashuran 2009-05-22 10:03

Vista Premium, 2gig RAM, "Intel CPU t2080 @ 1.73GHz 1,74 GHz", "Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (Intel(R) GMA 950)"

I usually try a different codec setup every time I reinstall the computer (I do that a lot, for various reasons). So far I've tried the CCCP pack, VLC, KMPlayer, Mplayer and DivX Player with different installations. DivX Player do play the file synced but doesn't show the subtitles correctly, shopping off the ends of the lines. The sound is also garbled sometimes, if still synced.

emptyeighty 2009-05-22 10:59

Use the divx H.264 decoder with CCCP.

alamarco 2009-05-22 11:19

With Vista the best bet is using CCCP with Media Player Classic. If that doesn't work you can sacrifice a little quality and use CoreAVC. There's a guide here on AnimeSuki in order to get that working.

The Guide for best H.264 playback (with both SD and HD content)

ashuran 2009-05-22 13:25

The CoreAVC thing seems to work for now, even if I've learned to hedge my bets over the years with this kind of trouble. Thanks!

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