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xris 2009-06-01 15:57

One Piece - General Character Discussion
The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss the One Piece characters who are not fortunate enough to have a thread of their own.

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james0246 2009-06-01 16:13

Not to overlap with the Marine thread too much, but I would really like to know more about Captain Attachan. This photographer is arguably the greatest spy in the entire One Piece world, and I would really like some more info about this silly, but mysterious, figure.

Rainbowman 2009-06-01 16:49

This thread may not have anything to do with threat levels, but here are the following characters who's threat levels I have estimated:

Foxy (Threat level: 3-5 as he's a mischief maker)
Bleuno (Threat level: 6)
Fukkurou (Threat level: 6)
Jyabura (Threat level: 7)
Kalifa (Threat level: 8)
Kaku (Threat level: 8)
Spandam (Threat level: 9-10; although he's physically weak, his ambition is dangerously threatening)
Lucci (Threat level: 9-10; moslty because of his strength, skill, and motives)
Saint Charloss (Threat level: 8; as seen at that auction house)
Magellan (Threat level: 9)
Shiryuu (Threat level 10)

paradox13 2009-06-01 23:25

Shiryuu > Magellan?

How'd you calculate this?

Lucci > Magellan?!

Kaku = Kalifa

Kalifa > Jyabura??


Blackbeard D. Kuma 2009-06-01 23:33


Originally Posted by paradox13 (Post 2430248)
Shiryuu > Magellan?

How'd you calculate this?

Probably because Shiryuu is a lot more ruthless than Magellan. The guy killed so many prisoners just for the sheer pleasure and thrill, which warranted him being imprisoned on death row. Ivankov also stated that Shiryuu was the more dangerous of the two wardens due to the fact that Magellan is in the toilet for so many hours and thus works less hours (Chapter 538 - Page 11).

paradox13 2009-06-02 00:58

Fair enough.

How would you explain the others though?

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2009-06-02 01:15


Originally Posted by paradox13 (Post 2430378)
Fair enough.

How would you explain the others though?

I can't explain the others because they make absolutely no sense :heh:.

holyalexander 2009-06-02 05:55

that's actually a nice theory.... :p

Bonta Kun 2009-06-02 14:35

Not sure on how Kalifa could be considered a high threat level, sure she's smart and strong for a women but she would be no where near Lucci or even Kaku for that matter....unless we take her using her "womanly charms" into consideration;)

well for a dynamic duo, Buggy and Mr 3 have proved quite the threat to the marines:heh:

Gotta love the band of bandits that have come to together atm in the manga, its pretty damn cool:cool:

Rainbowman 2009-06-03 13:09


Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma (Post 2430404)
I can't explain the others because they make absolutely no sense :heh:.

Care to tell me why they made no sense?

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2009-06-03 13:49


Originally Posted by Rainbowman (Post 2433148)
Care to tell me why they made no sense?

Magellan beat Luffy effortlessly, whereas Lucci struggled to defeat Luffy and eventually lost in the end by a close call. Magellan's DF ability is also more dangerous than Lucci's. Poison is just more efficient and lethal when dealing with an opponent (as we've seen already). It can potentially harm anyone. Also, Lucci would have to make actual physical contact to hurt Magellan, and by doing so, he would get himself poisoned just like what happened to Luffy. Brawlers in general (like Luffy and Lucci) are at a disadvantage against Magellan's poison.

Kaku = Kalifa makes no sense just by going on their dourikis alone. Kaku's douriki is 2200 and Kalifa's is 610. She doesn't stand a chance against him. Kaku was also amongst the 3 strongest CP9 agents (Lucci, Kaku, and Jyabura), and he happened to fight against Zoro who is a part of the monster trio (Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji - the 3 strongest SH's). These factors make it clearly evident that Kaku is a good deal stronger and more dangerous than Kalifa.

As for Kalifa > Jyabura, the concept is the same as the above paragraph. Jyabura's dourki is 2180 (which is much greater than Kalifa's 610) and he fought against Sanji (3rd strongest SH). It goes without saying that Jyabura>Kalifa in power and threat.

BlackNhite 2009-06-03 20:47

I gotta bring up Kuro now that I have a good thread where I could reasonably talk about him.

I'm upset that he's been out of the loop so long, for me this guy was the reason I stuck with One Piece up to the Arlong Arc and I really wanna know what he's up to.

I can imagine being forced back into a life of piracy was the last thing this grand schemer ever expected and the situation itself couldn't be any worse. I mean can you imagine the tension between the man and his crew after he'd just atempted to slaughter them without remorse? And then of course the fact that Jango is gone. It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all if, should Oda have us happen upon him again, he was either sailing off alone or running with a new crowd.

And you really have to wonder, if Kuro does return, what's his motivation? We had one with Buggy,he wants to become King of the Pirates. We have one with Crocodile, he wanted to pursue the title of King and now has his chance with recent events. But what of Kuro? The only real thing I could see of him would be meeting Luffy again and, while acceptable it does seem too... simple for such a character. Honestly it's this argument that leans me towards him not returning...

But at the same time he's got such great potential. Kuro is entitled as one of the three smartest characters in the East Blue, perhaps in the entire One Piece continuality thus far but don't quote me on that, and it gts me thinking to just what kind of mischief he's been capable of in his long absence. Who knows, the next time we see him he might have made his way into the New World.

Look at his abilities, we have a veritable precurser to CP9's Soru. If he has been on the Grand Line, it would be foolish to think he hasn't improved on it, even Buggy impressed me quite a bit with his progress regardless of its... quality. I'd imagine his own techniques may have even surpassed those of Soru simply due his over-speciallization. I mean could you imagine his Shakushi if he actually knew where he was going?

And then of course, I'd like to see how he reacts to Jango. Much the same way I'd like to see Coby's reaction to Alvida, Fullbody's reaction to seeing Gin again. Hell a lot of the East Blue's gallery have conections in the Grand Line, I think it's about time for a reunion.

ellifeedn 2009-06-06 16:34

There's something I've been thinking about. The Shichibukai are notorious pirates who had large bounties. People often associate having a larger bounty (or in this case former bounty) with being powerful. Because of this people would assume Crocodile as being one of the weaker Shichibukai. But consider this: the other Shichibukai had to develop very large bounties in order to be considered for the position while Crocodile and Blackbeard got in with much smaller, by comparison, bounties. As we saw with Blackbeard, he got the postion with no bounty because he did something worth the position. You have to wonder what Crocodile did to be offered the position with his bounty worth what it was.

EDIT: I just realized that maybe the reason why Blackbeard didn't get a bounty was because he, technically, didn't do anything against WG.

Kona 2009-06-06 18:30

Why do people keep laughing at buggy? He is odas favorite pirate just remember that..

Bonta Kun 2009-06-06 20:52


Originally Posted by Kona (Post 2438781)
Why do people keep laughing at buggy? He is odas favorite pirate just remember that..

because he's funny as hell and in a good way:p

He's def one of the better characters in OP, gotta love how he goes about stuff.

@ellifeedn: I always thought its rather simple reason he was a Shichibukai, is simply cause he's smart, probably the smartest Shichibukai there is.
Altho like everyone else, he had trouble dealing with the SH's total unpredictability, which lead to his downfall.
Still tho Crocodile is still my fav badass villian.

Kona 2009-06-09 17:08


Originally Posted by Bonta Kun (Post 2438987)
because he's funny as hell and in a good way:p

He's def one of the better characters in OP, gotta love how he goes about stuff.

@ellifeedn: I always thought its rather simple reason he was a Shichibukai, is simply cause he's smart, probably the smartest Shichibukai there is.
Altho like everyone else, he had trouble dealing with the SH's total unpredictability, which lead to his downfall.
Still tho Crocodile is still my fav badass villian.

I meant he is going to have a important role later in the series. He was on rogers ship with rayleigh floating around, how does he not know haki? That really irks me because he should know it. His df i can imagine will be haxxxed, that super spinning move was impressive, even more with if haki is infused with it. He was even with shanks back in the day so if hes in the NW (after all the current manga events.) he will be a serious threat and his crew (alvida, cabaji, mohji all want revenge on SH crew), it would be great to see them fight against SH crew and will be very epic.

paradox13 2009-06-09 20:56


Just coz A and B start at the same level doesn't mean they'll always stay at the same level.

Buggy sucks. Accept it.

C.A. 2009-06-10 05:31

Telling people to accept doesn't work.

Buggy is great. Accept it.

I'm sure you'll accept it, right?

Everyone has Haki, its just whether they can bring it out and use it and whether their will is strong enough to feed that Haki. If Buggy is to bring out his Haki, he must be at some point serious enough and really wants to get something done.

But when is a time for a clown to get so serious? Buggy loves treasure the most, could he bring out his Haki if he sees someone is going to snatch his treasure in front of his eyes? Does he have the will to bring out his Haki?

paradox13 2009-06-10 06:18

Haki again.

Why do you keep bringing haki up?

Its pretty obvious that it isn't an ability thats commonplace even in the new world, and you think of all ppl BUGGY can use it?



C.A. 2009-06-10 06:44

I always mention Haki because sadly people in the West really have no idea what Haki is.

In my Asian perspective and my understanding of the word Haki, and how its applied in both real life and manga, from what I see, the Western world is still clueless about what Haki is. I may not be completely right, but I certainly know he word better than what most westerners do. I may not be Oda, but the way Oda applies Haki in One Piece is similar to what I read in other manga. Haki is common in many old school manga, but in this new generation of manga readers, especially the West, don't seem to know anything about it at all.

My original intention when I made my first posts in this One Piece sub forum is to try and get people to understand Haki. Do read up the Haki Thread from page 3 onwards, you probably need to know what Haki means a little better.

Haki is in everyone, just that people have to know how to bring it out, or have the conditions to bring it out. Some people can bring it out better than others, some just have stronger Haki. And Amazon Lily already showed us that Haki can be so common, that everyone practices it. They live in an environment where Haki is part of their daily life. Anyone can bring out their Haki if they know how to do it.

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