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pookiecookie 2009-06-14 03:29

Welcome to the NHK - Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi
I'm wondering if the guitar instrumental version of this song exists outside of the anime. On the two OST, there are two versions of the song but they're both not the one I'm looking for. There's "Gosui ni Tarasu Tsuri Ito" which is a more mellow and electronic guitar version of the song without vocals, then there's the vocal version with the male singer. I'm surprised it's not on the OST since it seems like a favorite from the anime.

The version I'm looking for is the one that starts around 14 minutes in episode one (or 3:25 in this youtube clip: Basically, it sounds the same as the male vocal one from the OST, except it doesn't have the male vocals, just the female "Knock Knock Knock." Chances are this version doesn't exist outside the anime, but doesn't hurt to ask. =)

Not sure if I should have posted in the Identification thread, since I do know which song it is, just wanted to know if it exists and where I could purchase it. Thanks!

Shiroth 2009-06-14 04:52

Nope it doesn't exist. I've been wanting it since the first episode aired, and upto now it hasn't appeared at all.

fourtwenty 2009-06-15 05:45

NHK had some great BGM.

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